Snowie will be featured on the TV series “Duck Dynasty” on the 9th Season Premier on Wednesday night (January 13th 2016). The episode is called “Unlawful Entry” and features Willie helping John Luke start a snow cone (shaved ice) business which is supplied 100% by Snowie Shaved Ice. Episode airs at 9:00PM ET/PT (10pm MST) on A&E. So […]

We’ve just announced the dates for our annual Snowie Shaved Ice Training Event called Snowie Summit! We’re very excited for Snowie Summit 2016 with some great things in store. It will be held February 25th and 26th at Snowie’s Headquarters. During the training you’ll learn everything you need to know about running your own Shaved Ice […]

As many of you know, we have been working on our Block Ice Shaver even since the conception of Snowie, some 17 years ago. It was actually the first Ice Shaver we ever commenced work on as Snowie. However, there were a few things that got in the way of its completion. One was that […]

So we paid a visit the other night to a new place called the SOHO Food Park located in Holiday Utah. This is such a cool place and was created by a gentleman named Mark Olsen. I was able to interview Mark for a bit about his park as well as the Snowie Naturals 10×7 […]

During this webinar, we sit down with Jason White to discuss the Location page on First we discuss some of the reasons for having this page, and then Jason takes us through the functionality of it and instructs us on how to properly submit our location. This has become an important topic this year […]

To compliment this blog post, I have included a short video that I made last year on the 4th of July. What better time to release it than on the 4th this year? I used this video to start a discussion during our 2015 Snowie Summit. The discussion was about expanding your business. This has […]