This year we have received more calls than ever before from people who are looking for Snowie Locations and even better, looking for Snowie Vendors to come and be a part of their event. To clarify, these are individuals who are hosting events and looking for each of you to run your shaved ice business […]

Gordon and Aaron went on Television with ABC Channel 2 recently to discuss how Shaved Ice is the ultimate treat for incredibly hot days. 100+ Degree weather is here and people are looking for the best way to cool off and quench their thirst. Due to the short length of the news segment, I […]

This is an article done on Tim and Randy in Tri-Cities Journal of Business. The article was done by Elsie Puig and you can find that article here: Tim Bonagofski and his stepfather Randy Mechell didn’t set out to become shaved ice tycoons, it just happened. You could say it was born out of their passion […]

Snowie Shaved Ice was featured on Food Truck Empire’s Podcast episode #72 today! They sat down with Carl Rupp, Founder / Co-Owner and Aaron Rupp, Marketing Director of Snowie Shaved Ice to discuss the tremendous opportunity that exists in the time tested business model of shaved ice. Listen to the full episode below: [hr] Quoted Article: […]

Ok, Today’s discussion is ultimately on how to get your Shaved Ice Business and Shaved Ice Equipment to pass the inspections by the dreaded and almighty Health Department. We start out by discussing how broad and varied the health department is. Many people when they are first starting out in Shaved Ice and even other […]

Snowie Smart Syrup Flyer and Email Template Downloads Earlier we had given you information that you could use to speak with schools and communicate with them that your shaved ice business now complies with the Smart Snacks in Schools program. We have now created a few more avenues for you to be able to pitch […]

This weeks webinar is a bit of many little things that each deserve and announcement and discussion. We start out this webinar by discussing first Website Navigation, or how to better use our website for your Shaved Ice Business. First, there is one area that I did not mention in the video, and that is […]

As many of you guessed, Snowie traveled to West Monroe, LA to meet with the folks at Duck Commander. We are thrilled to be their official Shaved Ice supplier. While we were there, we visited their warehouse, sat in their chairs, blew in their duck calls, and educated them on how to run the best […]

Why is Snowie Shaved Ice visiting West Monroe, LA? Make a guess on all of our social media channels and we will randomly select a winner from your correct choices. [hr] We will also be giving away random prizes for each of these categories as well: Our Favorite Answer ReTweets Page Posts Comments Likes [hr] Get […]