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Gordon and Aaron went on Television with ABC Channel 2 recently to discuss how Shaved Ice is the ultimate treat for incredibly hot days. 100+ Degree weather is here and people are looking for the best way to cool off and quench their thirst. Due to the short length of the news segment, I […]

This is an article done on Tim and Randy in Tri-Cities Journal of Business. The article was done by Elsie Puig and you can find that article here: Tim Bonagofski and his stepfather Randy Mechell didn’t set out to become shaved ice tycoons, it just happened. You could say it was born out of their passion […]

As many of you guessed, Snowie traveled to West Monroe, LA to meet with the folks at Duck Commander. We are thrilled to be their official Shaved Ice supplier. While we were there, we visited their warehouse, sat in their chairs, blew in their duck calls, and educated them on how to run the best […]

Snowie Summit 2015 – Shaved Ice Business Training – Start your own Shaved Ice Business So, you would like to start doing Shaved Ice as a business or expand what you are doing currently? Well, one of the best ways to get started or expand is to attend a Free training that we hold once […]

FORT BRAGG, N.C. (WTVD) — Sergeant First Class Yolonda Tinsley was used to advising others on life after the uniform. The retired Army human resources professional asked everyone the same question.“What’s your Plan B?” But after two decades of service, Tinsley needed to think carefully about her own Plan B. It needed to accommodate a […]

UTAH’S SNOWIE FACILITY CREATES KIOSKS, ICE SHAVERS AND SYRUPS FOR THE MASSES By Rachel Madison August 26, 2014 Salt Lake City – Self-proclaimed “school of hard knocks” graduates and brothers Carl and Gordon Rupp have spent years working in the shaved ice industry, where their unique inventions—and lots of trial and error—have changed the […]

ABC 4 invited us back to do another segment on a show called Good Things Utah. In this segment they discussed our revolutionary Block Ice Shaver.  I love the reaction of Nicea who said, “Gordon, that came together in like a second!” It truly shows how fast our shaver is.  Even someone who is […]

Gordon is interviewed on Channel 4 ABC News where they discuss the many business opportunities that Snowie offers. That Interview can be seen here: Starting with the something very small like The Little Snowie Home Ice Shaver on a stand that can be setup in a front yard like a lemonade stand.  You can […]

“Meet the Henry Ford of Shaved Ice” is what Lee Benson titled his article in the paper after coming and interviewing us here at Snowie. Following is an actual link to the story in the Deseret News.  I will also paste the contents of the article below. TAYLORSVILLE — The idea came to him back […]

Snowie was just recently featured on Channel 2, KUTV News.  They did a quick interview with Carl on Snowie Shaved Ice being a business that grew from it roots right here in Salt Lake City Utah, and has grown throughout every state in the US as well as over 40 additional countries. Carl spoke […]