Snowie Financing Options Through Lending Partners

Snowie Shaved Ice offers financing options for shaved ice through partners so that you can start into the wonderful world of shaved ice. For anyone who wants to venture out on their own, or those who just want a little something extra to supplement their income. Through our financing options we provide you with buildings, carts, kiosks, shaved ice machines, flavors, accessories, everything you need to be in business for yourself. Not only do we provide you with all of the equipment, but we will also provide you with the best education in the industry. All you have to do is select a location or venue for you new business! We currently have thousands of independent owners all across the world, bringing shaved ice to everyone with a desire to quench a unique thirst and cool off.

Murdock Chevrolet

There is no question that one of the most eye catching stands we have is the Snowie Shaved Ice Bus. Whenever someone sees a bus at an event, at our warehouse, or a trade show, their first reaction is very similar to those who have seen it before, “Wow, pictures do not do this truck justice. This bus is amazing!”

It truly is a jaw dropping experience to see the Snowie Bus for the first time. This reaction also makes it one of the most sought after shaved ice stands available.

We are always looking for better ways to finance and make it easier for people to get into doing business for themselves. We are excited to offer you a brand new opportunity to finance the Snowie Bus!

I obviously cannot quote you the exact down payment needed, nor can I give you the exact percentage rate for your loan, but they gave me some very good numbers that should give you a good ballpark as to where you may stand in obtaining the Snowie Bus.  Please note that these numbers do not apply to the rest of our stands, ice shavers, shaved ice machines, etc.  This specific program is only for the Snowie Bus itself.

*This program is also only for brand new vehicles. If you are looking for a used vehicle, this does not apply.  

This, of course, is on Approved Credit. These are some pretty exciting numbers that we wanted to make you aware of. We have already sold a number of busses this year that fall within that rate.

For more information, please contact:

Jerry Zimmerman and Lance Teeples
Murdock Chevrolet

2375 S. 625 W.
Woods Cross, UT. 84087

Centra Funding, LLC

Centra Funding, LLC specializes in equipment leasing and financing for businesses nationwide. We’ve chosen them because they offer a fast and simple solution for those in the Snowie business opportunity acquiring new and used equipment. Their industry experts work with small and large companies and customers alike to approve financing programs that meet the specific needs of each Snowie customer

Centra Funcing, LLC structures the program as Commercial Finance Agreements for customers. They offer great exact tax benefits, but with it being an Equipment Finance Agreement, it has some advantages with paying off early now and not having to pay the full contract balance.

  • Rates are 6%-12% (on average) lower for each Credit Tier as well as for start-up businesses
  • Credit Tiers are easier to be approved at. I.e. A Credit Rates now only require a 650+ credit score and just 2 years in business, whereas previously it require a 690+ score and 5+ years in business. This will allow us to offer lower rates to people that have less time in business or a lower credit score.
  • We can still fund start-up businesses at lower rates
  • E-Docs- We now can do docs electronically vs the customer having to print, sign manually, and then mail the paperwork to an office location
  • 100% prefund within 4-6 hours of the customer signing E-Docs – No more need for verbal authorizations or delivery confirmations. We can prepay in advance upon signing of the docs from the customer

Apply Online in Less than 30 Seconds

Simply click the button below and fill out our no obligation credit application.

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