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Here at Snowie Shaved Ice, the focus of our buѕiness is providing you with a shaved ice business opportunity! Carl Rupp and Gordon Rupp, co-owners of Snowie, have been influencers in the shaved ice industry for 35 years, and together have invented many of the fastest and most popular ice shavers used throughout the snow cone buѕiness world.

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A Shaved Ice Business Opportunity

Snowie does not sell a franchise, but rather, an optimal shaved ice business opportunity. In a franchise, you will pay a franchise fee just to get into the business, you will buy and be limited by territory, and each year you will pay royalties back to the corporate entity. You are bound to them.

But at Snowie, we do not look over people’s shoulders. The money you make is all yours. We do, however, educate Snowie Shaved Ice business owners in the way a franchise would. We provide free ongoing webinar trainings where Snowie owners and employees can learn and enjoy. Here at Snowie, we all do exactly what you do. Everyone owns a Snowie stand and we offer our popular and delicious shaved ice at stadiums, pools, parks, and neighborhood corners. It’s a choice that just makes good financial sense and can help you put a ѕmile on your patrons’ faces throughout the summer months. Become part of our family, and experience the fun (and funds) of owning a Snowie!

Snowie offers its business owners an optimal shaved ice business opportunity. Since we manufacture the machinery needed for the shaved ice business, you can buy directly from us without having to pay for overhead or other tacked-on prices from middlemen. You get the freedom of running your own business while still learning from movers and shakers in the industry.

We believe that for an industry to continue to grow, there must always be innovation and improvement. If you were to ask yourself, “what innovations, aside from Snowie, have come out of the snow cone business in the past 15 years?” after some thought, your answer will assuredly be “none.” It is thanks to Snowie’s innovation, those in the shaved ice business are where they are today. Snowie is the shaved ice business. It has been Snowie all along that has driven every improvement and exciting new product to date. The Flavor Station was a Snowie creation that has revolutionized the snow cone business and popularity of shaved ice. The Flavor Station allows guests to add their own combination of snow cone syrups and flavors to their shaved ice. The increased freedom on flavors has been proven to boost sales. When combined with the lightening quick Snowie 3000 Ice Shaver, or Snowie’s brand new Block Ice Shaver, you can serve a customer in as little as three seconds. Not only does fast service impress customers, it also exponentially increases sales. Without this expedited service technique, businesses would only be able to meet a limited quota, but thanks to the innovation of Snowie, business is booming and sales are shooting through the roof for their business customers!

Snowie has also been at the forefront of the Food Truck craze. With their Snowie Buѕ, you have a turnkey shaved ice business where you can troll neighborhoods, make scheduled stops at schools, day cares, parks, sporting eventѕ, and other locations without the need for any setup. You literally park your Snowie Buѕ Shaved Ice Food Truck, and start serving the crowd delicious, thirst quenching, Shaved Ice. Shaved Ice is a great supplemental business for School Teachers and other Educators as they have the summer months to chase alternate sources of income. The Snowie Buѕ is the perfect theme for that educator entrepreneur, and they will be able to host many of their own school eventѕ as well.

There’s no reason to wait to take advantage of the summer months and this fantastic new business opportunity from Snowie! Check out or products and services—for an optimal shaved ice business opportunity, come join the Snowie Shaved Ice family today!



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