Best Reviews Votes the Little Snowie 2 as the Best of the Best

Best of the Best Rates Little Snowie 2 as Best of the Best

It is always a great surprise and privilege to show up on a website that gives your product rave reviews and you didn’t even know it was coming. Because this happened on a site called, we decided to look into them. They actually have an article written on them in the Huffington Post that you can find here:  As you will notice in the headline of this article, they are being called, “the Modern-Day Version of Consumer Reports.” They’re a Harvard startup, they do not take payments from companies or even involve the companies in the review process. Therefore a company cannot even pay them to have good things written about their products.  All products are completely chosen by them, purchased by them, and then tested in their own labs.

We were fortunate enough to have been found in a lineup of 16 Home Ice Shavers where they were compared and judged on multiple criteria. They state that they spent 68 hours researching and came to the conclusion that the Little Snowie 2 was the “BEST OF THE BEST.” Our listing on the site even houses the crown from their logo to go along with that title, “BEST OF THE BEST.” Thank you Best Reviews for taking the time to review home ice shavers, and thank you for seeing what we see in the Little Snowie 2. This remarkable home ice shaver is extremely robust, easy to carry, setup, and use. It is the safest ice shaver available, and it makes the finest snow you can imagine. We are very proud of it and love when it or any of our products get recognized for their quality and value!