Snowie offers multiple options of what they call their building. They range in sizes from 12×5 feet all the way down to 8×5 feet. Although they are 100% mobile, they call it a building because you can remove the wheels, drop it on site and lock it down with all your equipment inside within minutes. The Snowie Buildings are a completely enclosed structure and therefore sports an RV style air conditioner to keep you plenty cool on those hot summer days. These ultra-modern, portable buildings are designed with both form and function in mind. They possesses a full, self contained water system including a 3 basing utility sink, hand washing sink, instant hot water heater, and many other features that will bring a smile to your health department. One look inside and you’d swear you were looking at a portable kitchen. For those of you who wish to serve other products in other seasons, they also come with an optional heated coil floor to keep you extra warm at winter venues.