Potential Earnings with Flavor Station vs Pour Bottles

Find out your potential earnings in the shaved ice business with our calculator tool below to see the difference between using a Snowie flavor station vs pour bottles. Enter some possible price/cost scenarios and watch the calculations show the great profit margins that come from being in the Shaved Ice Industry.

Prices per cup

Supplies Costs


Syrup used per serving

Variable CostsServing BottlesFlavor Station 
 Med. 14 ozMed. 14 oz 
Spoon Straws$0.02$0.02 
Styrofoam Cup$0.04$0.04 
Total Variable Cost per Unit$0.32$0.43 
Price per Unit$3.00$3.00 
Variable Cost % of Minimum Price10.57%14.45% 
Gross Profit Margin89.43%85.55% 
Gross Income per Unit$2.68$2.57 
Savings/losses per cone$0.12($0.12) 
Cones Per Minute13 
Profits Per Minute$2.68$7.70 
Cones Per Hour60180 
Profits Per Hour$160.98$461.99 
Savings/Losses Per Hour($301.01)$301.01 
  $1,847.964hr event - Potential Profits
  $2,771.956hr event - Potential Profits
  $3,695.938hr event - Potential Profits

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