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Snowie Shaved Ice Naturals is the “Anchor” Stand at the the SOHO Food Park

Snowie, Shaved Ice, Naturals, SOHO Food Park

So we paid a visit the other night to a new place called the SOHO Food Park located in Holiday Utah. This is such a cool place and was created by a gentleman named Mark Olsen. I was able to interview Mark for a bit about his park as well as the Snowie Naturals 10×7 […]

Starting or expanding your Shaved Ice Business – Snowie Summit 2015 – Shaved Ice Business Training

Snowie Summit, Shaved Ice Business Training

Snowie Summit 2015 – Shaved Ice Business Training – Start your own Shaved Ice Business So, you would like to start doing Shaved Ice as a business or expand what you are doing currently? Well, one of the best ways to get started or expand is to attend a Free training that we hold once […]

Retired Sacramento Sheriff’s Deputy is an Encore Entrepreneur with Snowie Shaved Ice

This was a great segment by Sacramento ABC News 10 on Rick Voss who is part of a rapidly growing group called Encore Entrepreneurs.  These are individuals who are over 50 and make a life decision to become their own boss. The link to the story and video is the following: The content of the article is […]


Military, Soldier

FORT BRAGG, N.C. (WTVD) — Sergeant First Class Yolonda Tinsley was used to advising others on life after the uniform. The retired Army human resources professional asked everyone the same question.“What’s your Plan B?” But after two decades of service, Tinsley needed to think carefully about her own Plan B. It needed to accommodate a […]