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News Press Snowie Spotlight

Snowie Shaved Ice on ABC 2 News talking about our Shaved Ice Business Opportunity and Equipment

Gordon and Aaron went on Television with ABC Channel 2 recently to discuss how Shaved Ice is the ultimate treat for incredibly hot days. 100+ Degree weather is here and [...]

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Sugar Free Shaved Ice Flavors – Sweet Thickener

I received a comment the other day on our website that stated how much more successful we would be if we offered Sugar Free Flavors. I guess we [...]


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The Snowie Shaved Ice Flavor Station

Snowie was the first Shaved Ice company to create a Flavor Station or anything that would let the public pour their own Shaved Ice Flavors or Syrups. Now [...]

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New Products

New Shaved Ice Truck Flavor Station

Introducing the new Shaved Ice Truck Flavor Station We have just launched our brand new version of the Snowie Bus Flavor Station.  If you do not own a [...]


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Snowie Webinar #14 – Making Sugar Water and Shaved Ice Flavors or Snow Cone Syrups

In this webinar we address some flavor questions.  Primarily the idea of doing this segment came when we had received quite a few calls from people wanting to run a [...]

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Snowie 1000 Ice Shaver, featured on A&E’s Storage Wars

Wow, this is cool.  We have had shavers show up on two prime time shows this summer: Our 3000 Ice Shaver was featured on the Bachelorette, and just before that [...]

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