It’s never to early to start your own business in Shaved Ice

Every year we host an event called the Snowie Summit. This is a two day event where people can come to learn about our equipment, have some hands on experience, rub shoulders with those who have done shaved ice for years, and then take that experience back with them to start or improve their own shaved ice business. 

A few years back at our Snowie Summit, there was a Mother and Daughter sitting at one of the tables. Everyone’s assumption was that this Mom, who was interested in starting her own shaved ice business, brought her daughter along for the ride.  

However, this girl had questions and was always paying attention. Everyone looked at her with adoring eyes and thought it was so cute how attentive she was. 

If I remember right, it wasn’t until the second day when Deb shared the story of why they were actually attending the Summit. It was all due to her daughter Lottie. Mom was the one that was actually there for the ride. She shared with us how Lottie wanted to start a Shaved Ice stand in their front yard. Feeding her little entrepreneurial spirit (little did they know), they bought her some snow cone equipment and set her on her way. 

Some time later they noticed that Lottie was carrying around a backpack with her earnings and Deb suggested they go through it, count it, organize it, etc. To her surprise there was $… in the bag!

I am not putting the amount there because I am not sure that Deb and Lottie want that number published. Maybe it would be fun for you to comment on how much you think was in her bag? 

Let me just say that there was enough for her to start a legitimate shaved ice business including the purchase of Snowie Ice Shavers! This girl is for REAL!

Lottie now communicates with me directly on Facebook and even requests that we manufacture some custom things to fit her needs. She is a go-getter and she knows exactly how to get things done. 

I have wanted to write something up on Lottie for years, but she was shy and didn’t really want to share her story. I was thrilled that @therambleandrove took notice of Lottie and wrote this piece. What a cool story! 

I was elated when Deb sent this story to us and have been excited to do a little writeup on her myself. It has been so long since I have heard her story that I am positive that I am leaving out some of the gems. 

I get even more excited about Lottie’s story because it is truly what Snowie is all about. We are not a franchise and therefore people who want to start their own shaved ice business do not have to be suffocated by royalties, fees, location limits, etc. They also do not have to buy specific pieces of equipment. We have always felt that anyone can start on any budget and then grow their business to whatever their passion and drive will allow. 

Lottie is the perfect example of this. She slowly and methodically turned her passion into a thriving business. She started small in her front yard and then made the massive hop to her first Snowie 3000 Shaved Ice Machine and then jumped again to two Snowie Block Ice Shavers. 

There are a million examples and lessons that we can pull from Lottie that we should all take to heart. 

Recently we have started using the hashtag #snowballa to recognize those who have a passion for making shaved ice and even more definitively, those who make great money while performing that passion. Lastly, snowballa plays into the term, “Snowball Effect” which means that anything you start, small or otherwise, if you do it with consistency, passion, hard work, will, and dedication, it will build on itself and become whatever you put into it. 

Lottie, I could not think of anyone who better reflects that term. You are a true #SnowBalla !

Congratulations on your success and having that wonderful story written about you. We are all proud of you!