Below are some questions and answers to some of Snowie Shaved Ice’s frequently asked questions:

(Based off an 8oz size) Your cost of an 8oz size is 0.11 cents. That includes: cup, straw, napkin, flavoring, sugar & ice. You should sell an 8 oz size for at least $1.00 to $1.50, which would give you a minimum mark up of 85% (your profit from $1.00 is $.89 & $1.50 is $1.39 each).

Strawberry & Coconut, Strawberry & Banana, & Tropical Fruits


4 oz concentrate = 1 gallon syrup

16 oz concentrate = 4 gallons syrup

1 gallon concentrate = 32 gallons syrup

5 to 1 example:

5lb bag of sugar to make 1gallon of sugar water

25lb bag of sugar to make 5gallons of sugar water

They have a 3 year shelf life.

  1. Keeps your jugs clean from mold
  2. Keeps your sugar water from molding up to 1 year
  3. Makes your flavors taste fresh.
  1. Newspaper
  2. Chamber of Commerce
  3. Network with other vendors on upcoming events
  1. Snowie has two 3rd party leasing companies that are aware of our products. You can get their information on our web page under “leasing”.
  2. Many of our customers use credit cards, since the interest rate is so low these days.
  3. Small business loan from the bank.

Yes – visit to explore our home shaved ice snow cone machine.