snowie_bus-express-cutout-croppedGet into the Shaved Ice industry and travel in total style by taking out the Snowie Bus. This fully mobile unit has a complete water system, freezer, air conditioner, as well as a built in flavor station where your customers can pour on their own flavors. How can a shaved ice get more perfect than putting on the flavor yourself? It used to be that in shaved ice, as in many other businesses, your success was largely dependent on location, location, location. Well, you can toss that rule out the window. Now the world is your location. You go to where the people are. This selling method is a proven system for over 30 years with many benefits including Snowie’s progressive eye-catching design, spacious interior with lots of head room, and more.

Snowie Express Bus

The Snowie Express Bus is made from a Chevy Express. We have gone to the Express Van for a couple reasons.  It is a bigger van, so it more easily allows you to load it up with everything you need for events, etc. It is bigger, therefore it gives you more room inside, and lastly, we are able to purchase them new. We typically build our express buses from a new van but can also build them on used vans to help keep costs down as well.

Because of the vehicle they are built on, you may picture these vans as short. They are modified and therefore are quite tall.  The lowest part in the Express is the Air Conditioning, and that sits at 6′ 7.”  The rest of the interior is close to 6′ 9.5″  The average person does not have to duck at all while in this Van.

Stationary Bus

Snowie Stationary BusSnowie has become very well known for their unique stands, especially the Snowie Bus. This Food Truck / Shaved Ice Truck / Shaved Ice Bus, however you would like to refer to it, is attractive to everyone as a business concept, but there are a handful of people out there that love the look of the bus, but do not have any need for a full vehicle. We have had requests from customers, especially those who own a static location like amusement parks, water parks, etc., for a stationary version of the Bus. These type of places have many people come to visit them on a daily basis and do not have the need to go out and serve the people in a neighborhood, park, event, party or something similar. For these types of customers, we have created the Snowie Stationary Bus!

This bus eliminates much of the cost of the vehicle it is built on. While we still use the frame of a Chevy Astro Van, we remove the guts of the vehicle to make this a mobile stand much like our other concession stands/shaved ice stands. It is heavier than our other stands, so you will need a proper vehicle to tow it from location to location.

The Stationary Bus is built very similar to the Snowie Bus. By default, we wire the Stationary Bus with 110 volt wiring, whereas our regular busses are built to run most of their equipment on 12 volt power. You do, however, have the option to choose which type of power you would like in your stand. The Stationary Bus comes with the same health code loving water system, shelving, coating, flooring as our regular bus. It also sports the same flavor station as its original counter part. 

Because we take everything out of the vehicle on the stationary bus, this allows us a bit more room to do other things. For instance, the cab where you would normally drive, is now where we put all of the back-end equipment. This gives you more working space back where it is needed.

In the Stationary Bus, you do walk on ground level and serve while you are standing like you would do in any traditional stand. In our regular Snowie Bus the floor is atop the floor of the vehicle, so you are off the ground a bit. We have set this system up so you can serve while you are sitting and, therefore, face to face with your customers. This is high on our priority, we believe it is important to be able to work and serve your customers  at face level.

*Warranty only on parts Snowie made, not van itself

Pricing Breakdown

Fiberglass Shell
Decals installed
Air Conditioner
Polished Aluminum Flooring
Foam Shell Installed
Roller Windows (2) Installed
Cargo Net
Roller Chair
Hand Sink, 3 Basin Sink, Faucets, Fresh Water Tank, Gray Water, & more$2,709.90
Batteries (2)
Transfer Switch
Solar Panels
LED Lighting, Carnival Lights
Sound System (4 Spkrs/Stereo)
External Flood Lights - Serving Side
Labor, Wiring, Parts, etc.
Cube Pro DC Ice Shaver$2,990
Cold Plate Freezer$6,237.90
Bus Supplies Package (See Below)$1,457.90
Bus Supplies Package Includes: 10 Gallons & 10 pints Concentrates,
Pint & Gallon of Preservative, 10 Flip Top Caps 3 16-oz Serving Bottles/spouts, (sugar free) Sweet Thickener (12 pack), Red Spigot,
5 5-gallon jugs, 10 1-gallon jugs, Red Funnel, Wrench, Mixing Wand, Drill Mount, Labels, Cups (3 Cases) 1,000-8 oz., 1,000-16 oz., 500-24 oz., Spoon Straws (5,000),
Cube Pro Spare Blade and Housing.
External Drop-Down Flavor Station$3,200
Internal Flavor Station$2,047.90
Includes Flavor Station Assembly (10 1.25 Gallon Jugs, Connections, Spigots, tubing, & more)
SUBTOTAL SNOWIE BUS: (Express Van Version)$67,196.40
Chevrolet Express Cargo Van 3/4 Ton, V-8$27,995
*Prices and Items subject to change, refer to invoice for final details
*Pricing does not include local tax, title or license, or shipping.
If you choose to use the "Snowie" Brand, this requires the completion of the Snowie Trademark Agreement. This is not a franchise. There are no franchise fees, royalties or territories.

Optional Built-in Accessories

Blower with Windsock$437.90
Magnetic Signage Panels$218.90
Magnetic Decals (customizable)$156.90
(10 flavors/Sugar Free/
4 Prices/Order/Pick-up)
Driver Side Flood Lights$444.90
Safety Swing Arm (caution- children)$922.90
Tow Package$566.90

Optional Accessories

Block Pro DC Shaver$3,490
Cash Drawer (Mounts to Roller Chair)$187.90
2nd Roller Chair$249.90
3rd Battery$400
Spare Land Line$176.90
Tow Hitch Removeable Step$156.90
Screened Windows$206.90
Free Standing Flavor Station (6 Flavors)$2,237.90
Free Standing Flavor Station (10 Flavors)$2,493.90
Flavor Station Lighting Option$243.90
Flavor Station Cover 30"$74.90
Flavor Station Cover 48"$84.90

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