snowie_bus-express-cutout-croppedGet into the Shaved Ice industry and travel in total style by taking out the Snowie Bus. This fully mobile unit has a complete water system, freezer, air conditioner, as well as a built in flavor station where your customers can pour on their own flavors. How can a shaved ice get more perfect than putting on the flavor yourself? It used to be that in shaved ice, as in many other businesses, your success was largely dependent on location, location, location. Well, you can toss that rule out the window. Now the world is your location. You go to where the people are. This selling method is a proven system for over 30 years with many benefits including Snowie’s progressive eye-catching design, spacious interior with lots of head room, and more.

Snowie Express Bus

The Snowie Express Bus is made from a Chevy Express. We have gone to the Express Van for a couple reasons.  It is a bigger van, so it more easily allows you to load it up with everything you need for events, etc. It is bigger, therefore it gives you more room inside, and lastly, we are able to purchase them new. We typically build our express buses from a new van but can also build them on used vans to help keep costs down as well.

Because of the vehicle they are built on, you may picture these vans as short. They are modified and therefore are quite tall.  The lowest part in the Express is the Air Conditioning, and that sits at 6′ 7.”  The rest of the interior is close to 6′ 9.5″  The average person does not have to duck at all while in this Van.

Snowie Astro Bus

The Snowie Astro Bus is built from a Chevy Astro Van. The body type of this van is perfect to convert into a Snowie Bus. We typically build our buses with a used van (about 25,000 miles or so) to help keep costs down.

Because of the vehicle they are built on, you may picture these vans as short.  They are modified and, therefore, are quite tall.  The lowest part in the Astro is the Air Conditioning, and that sits at 6′ 1.5.” where the rest of the interior is close to 6′ 4.25″  The average person does not have to duck at all while in this Van.

Stationary Bus

Today we are talking about additional new products to help you run your Snowie Shaved Ice Business. We are introducing a few new products in this video, but one common among them is the new Snowie Caddy. The Caddy can be used with our three versions of the Table Top Flavor Station as well as the brand new Cube 9 Flavor Station.

There are many uses for the Caddy in your business. If you own a brick and mortar store and would like your customers to serve themselves on the sidewalk or even in the middle of your store, it is now extremely easy for one person to wheel the flavor station to wherever you wish. Our Table Top Flavor Stations are available in three sizes. They can serve either 6, 8, and 10 Shaved Ice Flavors off of two sides. This will allow approximately four people to flavor a shaved ice at a time.

Snowie Stationary Bus

The majority of this video’s content is focused on how to use the Caddy to assist you when taking your Cube 9 Flavor Station in and out of the Bus. The Bus, however, is only one example, you can use the caddy with a truck, van, moving van, etc. We can even adjust the height of the Caddy so that it will work with your vehicle. As you can see, Carl loads the Cube 9 Flavor Station into the Snowie Bus using the Caddy with very little effort. He then, very simply, takes it out of the Bus, wheels it onto the Caddy, pins the Cube 9 in place, and then wheels his flavor station out into the crowd. If you are thinking, “I don’t know if placing it in the flow of the crowd is a good idea,” you need to think again. You will be shocked by how much activity your stand receives when there is a flavor station in the midst of your crowd. They see people gathered around it flavoring their own shaved ice and they hop in line.

This Caddy is truly a breakthrough. If you have had to setup an event on your own and have had to contemplate setting up the Small, 6 Flavor, Flavor Station without help, you know what I am talking about. Some, even Carl, says that it is impossible. It really is a two man job unless you are built like a forklift, which I personally am not. I have setup countless events on my own where I have bribed a passerby with a free shaved ice to help me lift the Flavor Station onto its base. With the Caddy and the Cube 9 Flavor Station, that is no longer exists. You wont even think about it. You simply slide it to the Caddy, and wheel it where you want it. You can now setup any event on your own!

In the video you will also see our current built-in flavor station on the bus as well as our new saucer concept that will be available shortly. They are both incredibly convenient especially when used with a stand or a bus that contains your flavor jugs. You do not have to lift any significant weight, and it is all self contained within our stand. You may wonder, why are they using the Cube 9 Flavor Station, when they already have a built in one on the side of the bus. This is common and extremely beneficial. More flavor stations simply means that you can serve more people at one time, and it is always a benefit to pull your line away from your order window. If you are able to serve a shaved ice every three seconds, but your line of people flavoring is preventing you from selling to the next person in line, you have a problem. Your line should always form around the flavor station. If you feel like that line is getting too long, add another flavor station. But remember, lines, if not too long, are good. So keep it within an attractive range.

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