The Snowie Kiosk is identical to the Snowie Building aside from two items, the Windows and the Air Conditioner. Aside from that, they are exactly the same, including their lighting, complete water system, with a 3 basin wash, rinse, and sanitize sink and a separate hand washing sink. They are both made from boat materials ensuring that nothing like wood, for example, can rot in these stands. Those boat materials are Aluminum, Fiberglass, and Plastic. In fact, these items are so durable, that you can take your stand to the car wash and wash the inside as well as the outside by simply spraying it out. We actually do this after every event and it makes all the difference in the world when you can simply spray the interior to maintain its cleanliness.

Another feature that differentiates the Kiosk from the Building is that it has a collapsable top. The building cannot do this because it has the side glass panels as well as the additional aluminum construction to handle window and door frames. This is a great feature because you can significantly reduce the wind resistance that you get when you pull large concession trailers. Even the building, with its shape, makes for a nice stand to pull longer distances and reduce the resistance that you would get with a bulky square trailer.

The building comes in some larger sizes because we have the additional structure to handle that broader footprint. Whereas the roof and attic on the kiosk are held up by two projecting poles. Even with additional poles, this has proven to be quite difficult to raise and lower in a uniform manner. We have some other ways of working this out in the future, but for right now, we only provide the kiosk in the 8×5 foot stand and the 12×5 foot stand.

A favorite feature of all our Shaved Ice Stands is something that we hear from our event neighbors, a lot. They express their frustration with us because we are always to last to setup and the first to leave. We can do this because we have a very short setup and teardown time. I have pulled up to events where the event coordinator is pulling their hair out and ask us in a panic, “How long will it take you to get rolling?” My response is consistently , “Give me 5 minutes and we will be serving your attendees the fastest, most delicious shaved ice on the planet.