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New Snowie Tricycle! Pedal Shaved Ice To Your Customers

Snowie Tricycle

It is always better to see things with a bit of motion so we wanted to take you through the features on the new Snowie Tricycles via video. These are the ultimate in Shaved Ice Bikes. We have different options for different rides as well as different freezers. The Snowie Tricycle that we start the […]

Webinar 33 – The Snowie 2015 Block Ice Shaver – Discussion on various Ice Shavers, the ice they use and the snow they produce

Block Ice Shaver, Shaved Ice

As many of you know, we have been working on our Block Ice Shaver even since the conception of Snowie, some 17 years ago. It was actually the first Ice Shaver we ever commenced work on as Snowie. However, there were a few things that got in the way of its completion. One was that […]

Webinar #30 – Use the website to help your business, Smart Snacks for Schools, and Cream Topping Blowing the doors off Sweetened Condensed Milk at Duck Commander

Smart Syrups, Smart Snacks, School

This weeks webinar is a bit of many little things that each deserve and announcement and discussion. We start out this webinar by discussing first Website Navigation, or how to better use our website for your Shaved Ice Business. First, there is one area that I did not mention in the video, and that is […]

Webinar #27 – Shaved Ice Toppers, Add-ins, Off-Season, and Additional Products

Toppers, Add-Ins, Additional Products, Smart Snacks in School

Due to the high volume of questions that we receive on toppings for Shaved Ice and Add-ins such as Ice Cream, as well as Additional and Off-Season Products I decided to do today’s webinar on that subject. We start out with Toppings on Shaved Ice. While I was prepping for this webinar, I decided to […]

How to make your sugar water for your shaved ice business. Using our new 30 gallon mixer.

30 gallon mixer, mixer

How to make your sugar water for your shaved ice business. Using our new 30 gallon mixer. This video is a discussion and demonstration on making sugar water for your shaved ice business in our 30 Gallon Mixer. This mixer now has the option to add a motor, which is the focus of our […]

We have now added Blue to our Natural Shaved Ice Flavor Line

Shaved Ice Flavor, Shaved Ice Syrup

As you can tell from watching some of the news clips that we have been in recently, we have an FDA approved color Blue that we can now use in our Natural Flavors.  Up to this point, in our Natural Shaved Ice Flavors line, each of our flavors were either, clear, yellow, red, and any […]

Snowie Satellite Cart

Shaved Ice Business

During the Snowie Training we announced the new Snowie “Satellite” Cart. We named it the Satellite cart because it is the perfect, cost effective way to expand your presence. The “Satellite” Cart is also the perfect solution to many other scenarios: First, it is a great place for people to start their business.  It lets them […]