New Snowie Tricycle! Pedal Shaved Ice To Your Customers

Snowie Tricycle

It is always better to see things with a bit of motion so we wanted to take you through the features on the new Snowie Tricycles via video. These are the ultimate in Shaved Ice Bikes. We have different options for different rides as well as different freezers.

The Snowie Tricycle that we start the video with is the most popular. It has a cold plate freezer that will freeze to -40˚ and can maintain your ice or frozen shaved ice for nearly 3 days without any power.

I know you are saying, “Frozen Shaved Ice? What?” But that is exactly what we are saying. We actually tested this at one of our summits to see how people would react and it was remarkably positive.

There are a few things that you need to make sure you do for your pre-shaved ice to work properly. First, you can use any of our shaved ice machines, but we highly recommend that you use the Snowie Block Ice Shaver as it will create the finest snow. Under normal circumstances, you would temper your block, but when you are creating pre-shaved ice we recommend that you use the block in its coldest state. We also recommend that you keep your cups in a cold place so that when you shave into them, you do not form a quick melt that will then freeze and form a thin shell around your snow. You want to “flash” freeze it as much as possible to make sure this shaved ice is perfect when it is flavored later. If you do not use the Snowie Block Ice Shaver and decide to use one of our Cube Shaved Ice Machines, the Snowie 3000 Cube Ice Shaver, Snowie 1000 Snowie Cube Ice Shaver, or even the Little Snowie 2 Ice Shaver, you will want your ice as cold as you can possibly get it. This will give you amazing snow!

The other two bikes take different freezers or coolers. One will take a block freezer like you would get from Home Depot or some place similar. It will not get as cold, and it will not maintain that freeze for as long. But that type of freezer is a cheaper option and if you burn through your product quickly then the extended freeze time is not as big of an issue. You also have the option on any of these bikes to do your shaved ice in a traditional fashion, that being that you will keep bags of ice in the freezer and then shave your product on demand. You can do this with a battery by using a DC version of one of our shaved ice machines, or you can use the Little Snowie 2 with an inverter and a battery. The inverters will not work on our larger ice shavers, they are simply too powerful.

I mentioned the word “coolers” in the previous paragraph. The cooler on the third bike that Carl mentions and we put screenshots up about, is just that, a cooler. It is not a freezer. You can freeze cold plates and put them in the cooler with your ice, or pre-frozen shaved ice and it will work quite well, but just take note that it is not a freezer.

You can check out the tricycles here:

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    • Aaron Rupp says:

      Yes, you will always need to have a business license, an operating permit, and a health permit in order to run a business whether it is using the tricycle or not. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

  1. paulbrockatsf says:

    How much does the “cooler on the third bike that Carl mentions” cost? Can I buy the cooler with the decals but without the bike?