Custom Food Trucks and Stands – DonutNV Showcase

As many or all of you know, Shaved Ice is our core business. We manufacture and create everything you will ever need to run your own Shaved Ice Business. 

We manufacture vehicles like the Snowie Bus and the new Vans that you will see later this year, we make portable Buildings, Kiosks, Carts, and Tricycles. 

We have created and continue to create the most amazing Shaved Ice Machines that allow you to serve every customer an incredible, soft, Shaved Ice in under five seconds. We make Ice Shavers that will shave from Block ice as well as Cube ice. We even make an Ice Shaver for your home that can turn any evening into a party.

We have created, hands down, the most delicious shaved ice flavors available. We have created Sugar Free options for those who want to reduce their sugar consumption both in the form of Splenda and Stevia. We also offer a Natural line of flavors that are free from any artificial flavors and colors.

But one thing that some of you may not know is that we also create custom stands. Whether your business is serving Shaved Ice or anything else, we can create a stand for you that is stunning and guaranteed to please your crowd. 

We just completed a building for DonutNV that has now arrived in Pennsylvania. This stand ended up really cool and we are thrilled that they chose Snowie to be the manufacturer. The owner designed and laid out what he imaged the stand to be, and then Gordon got after it, changed what was necessary and they together created some serious magic. I wish we had interviewed Gordon going through and explaining each of these items while we still had the stand, there are some very cool additions and modifications to this stand.

The biggest modification in this building is the Fire Suppressant System. This is actually part of the exhaust hood that actually exhausts out of the top of the building. This is the first time we have put one of these in our stands and it worked out great. I don’t know if you know much about these systems, but they are pretty tricked out. They have all kinds of triggers, switches, cables, and pulleys that will automatically shut down your grease equipment, spray it, and suppress any fire that may be coming from it. 

There are also two fire extinguishers installed in the building.  One at the back door and one on the back wall. It also has a first aid kit and a glove dispensing unit on the back wall.

The owner asked if we would install a picture frame to appropriately display the health and business permits that are required for each event. This is a great idea and displays those necessary permits in a professional way. 

We also created an area inside where the generators can be kept clean and mounted to the floor while the stand is in transit. Then, when he is ready to kick his business in gear, he can simply move them out behind his stand and start ‘em up. 

It actually has a cooking oil dispenser that supplies oil into the donut fryer from a “Bag-in-the-box” full of fresh oil. Then, when the oil becomes old, it goes into a waste oil tank that is then emptied with a vacuum pump keeping the effort low and the stand, as well as the owner, clean!

This stand is equipped with an alarm as well as a tracking system. You can use this for its intended security and recovery, or you can use it to help manage a fleet of DonutNV stands. 

You will notice that there is a section of safety glass on the front of the stand that houses an etching of his logo. It is surrounded by LED lights that make the logo glow, even in full daylight!

This building holds 45 Gallons of fresh water! That is no easy feat. I remember hearing that food trucks needed around 35 gallons and thought, how can you pull that off? Well, we did that and more. This allows the owner to not only pass the health department, but have the ability to make juices, drinks, lemonade, etc. We actually installed it on the other side of the building opposite of our existing water system. 

We installed an ice container/dispenser that drains into its own waste tank. It has a separate hand washing like our other buildings. 

There is a cash drawer mounted under the counter at the serving window with a Safe Deposit Box for large bills and when your cash register is over flowing. We all know how awful that is right? “Oh man, my cash register is over flowing with inconvenient CASH!” 

There is a heating element in the Air Conditioner so that you can warm up the stand in the winter months. 

It has a keypad lock removing the need to have keys for each of your stands and always have access to them. 

The building has LED lighting throughout, with a very noticeable addition to the top outside signage. That additional lighting sure makes that high signage glow!

He requested to have a magnetic menu sign so that he can alter his menu as often as he desires.  

We actually put compartments in the building where he can tuck things out of the way and even keep backups of his equipment. His major product is, of course, donuts, so he has an extra fryer in case things really get cooking!

In order to make all this room for his requested products and storage, we decided to put the spare tire in the attic. 

We created an opening in the countertop to allow his Orange Juice pressing machine to dispose of the rinds in an automated process.  

We had to accommodate his many special electrical needs for his broad range of equipment.

We added special racking that would hold different toppings and garnishes for his Donuts. 

The whole building, as with our regular buildings, has backlit signage on the top. This has always been a great feature of Snowie stands because it allows you project your signage in about 270 degrees thus allowing the crowd to see you from nearly any angle.  

Again, everything within this building was designed and laid out by the owner and creator of DonutNV. We give him huge props for designing such a wonderful stand. To quote Gordon, “We went off his design and made him something fabulous! Super functional, well laid out, well thought out, it is a piece of art!”