Snowie Cube Pro with Carl

Today Carl discusses the improvements that we made with the Cube Pro. My favorite phrase in this whole video is when Carl humorously said, “If you own the Snowie 3000, I want you to know you have the best shaver made in the world, but now you have the second best shaver made in the world.” 

Carl begins by telling us that the original 3000 Ice Shaver / Shaved Ice Machine, can still make $1000/$2000/$3000 or more per day for your shaved ice business. He points out that the core parts of this ice shaver are essentially the same. It runs off the same motor, it shaves on the same blade, the housing is still very similar. The Snowie 3000 has been a fantastic ice shaver and has been considered the very best cube shaved ice machine in our  world to this point. He points out that this shaver had some very serious shoulders for us to stand on in order to improve it and come up with the new Snowie Cube Pro Ice Shaver!

I think I have mentioned before, and even have some cool video somewhere of some really hammered Snowie 3000 Ice Shavers that look completely beat up, but when you drop some ice in them, they sure turn out the snow! Carl echos that and mentions that if you would like to improve the look of your Snowie 3000, we can sell you the equipment necessary to upgrade your existing 3000 to a Snowie Cube Pro Ice Shaver. 

So, I get a lot of questions on what exactly changed to make this new shaved ice machine such an improvement. Carl goes over those items in the video to clarify, but I will list them here as well. 

First, the Snowie 3000 Shaved Ice Machine’s cabinet, hopper and lid, are made entirely of vacuum formed parts. This is not a bad thing, we have just taken steps to make the new Cube Pro Ice Shaver from injected molded parts that are far more consistent and strong. It is simply an improvement. 

Vacuum formed parts will start out quite thick, and by they time they stretch over their mold, they can become quite thin in parts. No two parts are the same, they are close, but they do vary a bit due to the nature of their manufacturing process. 

The new injection molded parts, are exactly the same thickness, everywhere! The parts are pretty much exact replicas of one another making this ice shaver much more precision as well. The injection molding process also allows us the ability to add ribs and gussets to make it much stronger and durable. 

The channel where the shaved ice comes out gets consistently wider at the exit. This simply allows the shaved ice to exit the shaver easier and with less compacting force on the snow. 

The hopper, which is the part of the shaver that holds the ice is also much larger. The Snowie 3000 Ice Shaver could hold about 7.75 LBS and the New Cube Pro can hold about 12.5 LBS. This is a big advantage for this shaver. Ice bags have recently increased from 7/8 pound bags to 10 pound bags.  You now have the ability to easily dump a whole ten pound bag of ice into the hopper of the Snowie Cube Pro. 

I have never broken the hinge or the lid on any of my Snowie 3000 Ice Shavers. I am actually not sure how you could really pull that off unless you were trying to shatter an ice cube like a nutcracker and forcing the lid closed. However, we do hear from people that have broken either their lid, the hinges, or even the hopper due to a trapped piece of ice.  So we improved how the Cube Pro Ice Shaver hinges to reduce and even eliminate ice from being trapped in that area. 

Another significant and patented feature on this ice shaver is what we call the ice breaker. This is a knob on the back portion of the blade housing. Its purpose is to break up the ice cubes that have frozen to one another so that they can travel down to the paddle wheel with ease. Please note, if your ice has frozen into one solid mass, this knob is not going to break that.

The handles have been completely changed on the Cube Pro Ice Shaver as well.  Originally, on the Snowie 3000 Ice Shaver, we only had two handles and even they could be hard to grab at times. Now we have made really big, comfortable handles so that moving your shaved ice machine would be far more easy and comfortable.  The other purpose for these large handles is to let all of the heat that gathers around the motor out of the cabinet. There are three handles near the top of the motor housing that act like chimneys and let the air naturally flow right out.  

 We also changed our paddle wheel from Aluminum to Plastic. This serves two purposes. First, as Carl mentions in the video, ice will freeze hard to aluminum or steel whether it is in an ice form or even if it is snow. He talks about the example of ice cube trays. They are now mostly made from plastic because it will release the cube easier. The old aluminum trays used to come with a handle that you would pull to break the ice free from the aluminum tray.

The other reason for us moving to plastic is that the snow that could stick to the aluminum wheel may not always come off until it had softened. So a small portion of your snow could could come out a little wet. This new paddle wheel will significantly reduce the amount of snow that adheres to the wheel itself and produce an even more premium shaved ice product.  

 This past year, for some reason we had a repeating issue with our foot switches and occasionally some rocker switches. They would either stick in the on or off position. Now, we have 99% of the power going through a relay so that the bulk of the power does not go to our switches. This should completely eliminate any failures in our switches. 

As the manufacturer of the finest and most reliable shaved ice equipment in the world, we are incredibly proud to add the new Cube Pro Shaved Ice Machine to our lineup of remarkable ice shavers.  

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