Webinar #27 – Shaved Ice Toppers, Add-ins, Off-Season, and Additional Products

Toppers, Add-Ins, Additional Products, Smart Snacks in School

Due to the high volume of questions that we receive on toppings for Shaved Ice and Add-ins such as Ice Cream, as well as Additional and Off-Season Products I decided to do today’s webinar on that subject.

We start out with Toppings on Shaved Ice. While I was prepping for this webinar, I decided to go hit Walmart and do a quick pass through the candy Isle. I purchased items like Kit-Kat Mini’s, Reese’s Pieces, Cinnamon Bears, Whoppers, etc. I wanted to bring in some Pop Rocks, but I could not see them at Walmart.

My purpose for doing this webinar, was to really emphasize the fact that you do not need to get your toppings from Snowie. I did not think beforehand about what I wanted to put on top of my Shaved Ice aside from Pop Rocks. I just grabbed a bunch of items and ran to the register. If you do the same, it would be very easy for you to test multiple toppers and see if there is a demand for them. If you do find that there is a demand, you can then look for a distributor of that product and purchase it in bulk for a much better price, thus making a greater profit.

Toppers, Add-Ins, Additional Products, Smart Snacks in School
Webinar #27 – Shaved Ice Toppers, Add-Ins, Off-Season, and Additional Products

The second thing we discuss is Add-Ins. What I mean by an Add-In here is something like Ice Cream or Beans that you will add to either the middle or bottom of your shaved ice product. I knew that Ice Cream Pucks, or little self contained, single serve ice cream cups, were available. I did not, however, know that Walmart sold some that you can buy right now. That was cool!

You will see that my first attempt at emptying one into my Shaved Ice wasn’t exactly smooth, but with a few attempts, I believe I could eventually do it with style. One of the viewers suggested that I should use a spoon. My response was that I am afraid of spoons due to the Health Department. They do not want you scooping ice cream from an open container. So to eliminate the scoop, you can pop, squeeze, break, or shake the ice cream out of that little cup and make the Health Department happy.

In addition to the vanilla cups, I also purchased some Reese’s Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cups. These were far easier to split in half and dump into the Shaved Ice. I divided the Reese’s in half because they were more expensive, but also larger than the vanilla cups. If I split them in half, my cost is $0.29 a piece. In comparison, the Vanilla Cups come out to $0.40 a piece. I would charge $1.00 for these Add-Ins. If the product took off in my area, I would then chase a distributor and reduce that cost significantly.

I did not spend a lot of time on Winter Products, because we are going to be doing a show on our Hot Chocolate and discussing winter options more in depth. I also forgot to mention how easy it is to re-brand your Snowie Stand for the winter. We will run banner material around the base and the top of the building, thus giving you completely new signage that can be removed as easy as it was put on. This is actually really slick and we do it a lot in the off season.

Some of the winter products that we discussed were:
1- Waffles
2- Crepes
3- Hot Dogs
4- Hot Chocolate / Coffee
5- Soups
6- Soda

You might look at this list and think, “What is Soda doing in a winter products list?” Soda has actually become very popular in this area no matter what the season. I don’t know if this craze has spread throughout the US, but here you will see people line up in a drive-thru to get a 44oz Dirty Diet Coke and a cookie. These are great examples of winter or additional items that you can sell out of your stand without the wrath of the Health Department. As a side note, if you are going to do Soda, make sure you look at our larger stands like a 10’ x 7’ Foot Building where you will have plenty of room for extra fresh and waste water tanks that will be required for a soda fountain machine.

Other additional items that you could sell along with Shaved Ice would be:
1- Water
2- Sandwiches
3- Lemonade / Frozen Lemonade
4- Candy Bars
5- Chips / Snacks
5- Soda

Now, for the most important news of the day! As mentioned in the video, we were keeping this announcement for the training, but we made earlier progress than anticipated.

Michelle Obama has a program that dictates what can or cannot be served to students in the public school system. We have developed a product that comes as a supplement that you can add to your 5 Gallons of sugar water. The product is optional, so you can keep your sugar water as is, or you can make a single jug for the flavors that you would like to serve students at a specific event.

Our supplement will not only include the 10% DV of one vitamin required by Michelle Obama, it will include the 10% DV of all her suggested vitamins except Potasium (which we excluded because it has a salty taste) Plus we are adding Magnesium which is a wonderful compliment to Calcium. This is a very high quality product and highly absorbable by the body. We did not want to just meet the new standards, we wanted to crush them.

At the training event on February 5th and 6th, we will be featuring this new supplement as well as boosters, like those you would see in a smoothy shop. These boosters will, well, boost your Mood, Mental Function, Energy, Immune Support, provide a Multi Vitamin and enhance Weight Loss. If there is a boost that you are looking for specifically, please let us know as we are developing these products now.

Now, one last item. We will also be featuring a sugar free Sweet Thickener that is free of Splenda. It will be in the form of Stevia and, therefore, Totally Natural.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

We will see you in two weeks for our next Webinar, or in just under a month at our Snowie Summit on February 5th and 6th.

Thank you all for attending the Webinar today, we love to see your attendance each week.