We have now added Blue to our Natural Shaved Ice Flavor Line

Shaved Ice Flavor, Shaved Ice Syrup

As you can tell from watching some of the news clips that we have been in recently, we have an FDA approved color Blue that we can now use in our Natural Flavors.  Up to this point, in our Natural Shaved Ice Flavors line, each of our flavors were either, clear, yellow, red, and any variation that you can manage between those few colors.
So for our Natural Lemon Lime, and our Natural Grape, we used to have to go the clear route for them because we did not have a way to make a purple or green.

Shaved Ice Flavor, Shaved Ice Syrup
Blue Raspberry Natural Shaved Ice Flavor

By adding blue, this completes our primary colors.  Which, of course, allows us to make our flavors, blue, green, purple, and any variation within that range as well.

Now that we have brought blue to the table, it has allowed us to expand our flavor list in the natural line as well.  Now we have added popular favorites like Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, Lemon Lime, etc.

We have just added these new flavors and more to our natural line and encourage you to try them. This now gives us 24 flavors in our natural shaved ice syrup line.

There are some obvious reasons why our natural flavors have been so popular and why the demand has been at the level it has. There is a large and growing population that is concerned about what they are taking into their bodies and that of their children. It brings people great comfort to know that what they are eating is from natural sources. This is the core reason for us launching our Natural flavors but there are some additional benefits as well.

Whenever you are chasing an event, it is always nice to offer something that nobody else is doing. Natural Syrups or flavors are the perfect entry for you to use as an ice-breaker to get into an event.  The Flavor Station is another way to offer variety to the event organizers, but that is a discussion for another day.