Here it is, the Brand New Snowie Cube Pro Ice Shaver!

This is the Shaved Ice Machine that is replacing the Snowie 3000 Ice Shaver. The 3000 Ice Shaver has been the very best cube Shaved Ice Machine on the market every year of its existence. It truly was a ground breaking Ice Shaver and it maintained that reputation its whole life. That is astonishingly impressive! 

There is nothing better than when we get an old video of a 3000 Ice Shaver who’s plastic cabinet has faded to yellow, has broken in multiple places and yet, it throws out the snow like it was brand new. Snowie’s Ice Shaver’s have an amazing reputation for never stopping. We build them with many goals in mind. Some of those goals are the following: 

  • We want them to produce the finest snow, but in a timeframe that will actually make you money
  • We want them to not only be fast, but the absolute fastest Shaved Ice Machines available
  • We want them to be reliable. We want you to call us in 20 years and tell us you are still using that Ice Shaver
  • We want them to be simple. You can teach someone how to use our Ice Shavers in less than a minute
  • We want them to be innovative. Our motto is that there is always a better way. And we chase that better way every day!
  • We want them to surprise you. Even with all of our videos, users are blown away by the performance of our Shaved Ice Machines when they use them in person
  • With the Cube Pro, we continued with all of these goals in mind and a whole lot more. Here are some features that are included with the new Snowie Cube Pro Ice Shaver:
  • First, this cabinet is now unbelievably strong. It has a uniform thickness throughout and will take an enormous beating before it breaks. 
  • You can now lift the Snowie Cube Pro six different ways. Sounds basic, but this is big improvement
  • The feet on this Shaved Ice Machine are incredibly strong and durable
  • We turned the handles in to large chimneys to allow all of the hot air produced by the motor out of the cabinet
  • We have reduced the amount of power that travels through the foot switch. This basically means, no more replacing foot switches!
  • We created a brand new paddle wheel out of plastic instead of aluminum. It is insanely strong and ice will not freeze to its surface
  • We have a patent pending feature that will break up your large clumps of ice as they spin around in your hopper!
  • We have designed the lid so that reduces the chance for ice cubes to get trapped in the edges.

We are incredibly proud of this new Ice Shaver and feel that it has properly filled the shoes of its predecessor, the Snowie 3000! We are excited to see your reactions once you have been able to get your hands on this amazing Shaved Ice Machine!

4 thoughts on “Here it is, the Brand New Snowie Cube Pro Ice Shaver!

  1. robbie thedford says:

    Can I do a trade in of my Snowie 3000 for one of these models? (plus some money of course)

    • Aaron Rupp says:

      We do not have a trade in program, but we do have the option where you can upgrade the cabinet, housing, paddle wheel, etc. and use the core part of the shaver, motor, gearbox, etc. to essentially upgrade to the cube pro if you wish.

  2. L. Dunaway says:

    Is the Paddle Wheel the “blade” for this machine? I don’t see replacement blades for this machine on your site. How much are the blades?

    • Aaron Rupp says:

      No, the paddle wheel runs the ice along the blade. This is the same replacement blade as the Snowie 3000. If that is not evident, then we need to fix that on our site. Thanks for the heads up!