Tony’s Hawiian Ice

I have set up a snow cone stand called Ton’s Hawiian Ice for the past two years. I have made a good amount of money and I consider myself a young entrepreneur. I love making snow cones and greeting my friendly customers. Every year I am growing and expanding my business. I am twelve years old and live right outside of Philadelphia. I have had a lot of support from my family. My family is very supportive in all this. Everyone always jokes about one day when I will be rich. I started from only thirty dollars and have expanded so much in two years. I am trying to buy a Snowie Cart but I have to wait a couple years because I don’t make that much a year. But this contest can give me quite a bit of publicity and bring me more customers so I can have more flavors and better quality shaved ice.
If I win this contest I will go crazy. It will help me a lot. I am saving a lot of my money to put me through lacrosse season. I just got a website but it still needs some work. My teacher is helping me make the website. I am only twelve years old so I can only really set up my stand in front of my house. I want to get a Snowie Cart or Kiosk so that I can do bigger events. For example flea markets or store openings.
I have only used Snowie flavors and I think that they are the best. I love the selection. There is a huge selection of flavors. But sadly I can only afford at the most 5 flavors a year. I love the Snowie brand and they are so helpful.
I hope to invest in my company and be able to go to different events. I also want to open a store front if I am lucky but I am still only twelve and a twelve year can only dream sadly.
I have had a rough life. And selling snow cones releases my stress in life. My father past away when I was five and I wish he was here to what a great child I am today. He would be very proud of me. He is what pushes me through life every single moment of every day. If I win this prize, some of the money will go to my families financial needs and to also put me through school. I know that there is a slim chance that I will win but it doesn’t hurt to try.
If I win this contest it will bring me one step closer to my goal of going to larger events and eventually have a store front. I love the Snowie brand. At this moment I have started a Fundly campaign for a Snowie building. If you want to know more about my Fundly campaign, you can contact me at I hope that I win this contest. It will change my life drastickly because all I have been trough in my life. As I said earlier in my story.