Retired Sacramento Sheriff’s Deputy is an Encore Entrepreneur with Snowie Shaved Ice

This was a great segment by Sacramento ABC News 10 on Rick Voss who is part of a rapidly growing group called Encore Entrepreneurs.  These are individuals who are over 50 and make a life decision to become their own boss.

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SACRAMENTO – Shaved Ice booths are magnets for kids and adults on a hot day.

“When I pull in, the kids are screaming ‘hey Snowie’ ” Rick Voss smiled.

It still takes some getting used to for Voss, who owns the Snowie shaved-ice kiosk.

“When I go to work now, people are glad to see me,” Voss said. “That wasn’t always the case. Nobody yells at me.”

Voss was a deputy with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department for 17 years. Then he retired a few years ago.

“You can only play so much golf and you can only watch so many reruns of Star Trek,” Voss joked.

Voss is part of the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in the United States known as “encore entrepreneurs,” people over 50 who decide to become their own boss.

He got the idea for the franchise when he saw a Snowie kiosk at his daughter’s baseball picnic.

“I looked at it and kind of watched for awhile and thought, well I can do that,” he recounted.

Now, Snowie is in its third year. He takes the mobile kiosk with him anywhere from Reno to the Bay Area, scooping up snowcones at some pretty big events.

“I just like putting smiles on people’s faces because that’s usually what they leave with,” employee Matt Landay said.

Snowie features a “do-it-yourself” flavor station, which is a hit with kids.

With Snowie, Voss is serving his community in a whole different way.

(End of Report by ABC 10)

What a cool piece this was by ABC 10. I just wanted to add a few comments to the end of this story to elaborate on the Snowie Shaved Ice Business Opportunity. There are truly entrepreneurs from all walks of life and of all ages.  We have kids that are 12 years old and are running their own business, and others who have found themselves in industries that are dwindling or markets that no longer require their specific skill-sets.  We have the seasonal employed, like teachers or business owners that need something to do during their summer months. Then we have these incredible people like Rick that have gone through their work life and decided to add to their retirement and bring some additional financial comfort and security to their existing nest-egg.

Whoever you are, Snowie has got a business for you. Not only can we gear this business to you, but we can completely gear it to your budget.  We have always felt that  people should start their business on a level that they are comfortable with. Many other companies will force you to first purchase their most expensive equipment, then expand on that business with smaller, more affordable stands later.

We believe that if you are wanting to get your feet wet for a few thousand dollars, you should be able to do that. If you want to hop right in and begin your business with a professional look and powerful presence, well, you can do that too. Everyone wants to start at a different level, yet they all have goals of expanding and growing at a rate they are comfortable with. As with any business, there are no guarantees. But we believe that we have an opportunity where a great majority of our customers have made positive life and financial changes due to the business opportunity that we offer.

Call Snowie today. Let us know your ambitions, we can help get you there.