Financial Independence Sale

June 29th – July 14th

At Snowie, we have always been about providing an opportunity for others, for anyone to become financially independent to whatever level they desire. What we do, what we offer is not magic, but it is remarkable. It is Shaved Ice. Ok, not just Shaved Ice, but the easiest, fastest, most effiecient way to make and sell Shaved Ice.

See the markup on Shaved Ice is remarkable. You will hear people in line who are paying attention and they start adding everything up. You know who I am talking about because you are one of those people or you would not be reading this blog post now. It requires people who pay attention. You will hear those people say, “How much could that cost, the majority of the product is ice.” Then they start adding the up the number of people who visit the stand and then multiply that number by the potential profit and then they call us. 

The markup in the Shaved Ice is only part of the story. That is not the secret, that is not the remarkable part. The remarkable part is that most Shaved Ice businesses out there serve a customer in about 3-6 minutes. That may not seem like a long time to you, but to me, that is an eternity.

We serve a fantastic, finely shaved, deliciously flavored Shaved Ice in 3-5 seconds.

If that didn’t strike you, let me say it this way… In the time that it took our competitors to serve their delicious and wonderful Shaved Ice to one person, we had the ability to serve 120 of the same customers.

It is not magic, it is Snowie Shaved Ice.

To celebrate independence Day, we are creating a FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE DAY SALE that will continue through July 14th! You can save thousands on any of our amazing stands and create a business that will either supplement your current income or completely replace it. It is up to you and the effort you put into it. 

Call Snowie before July 14th to obtain this amazing deal. I know that sounds a bit car dealerish, but we have never offered a sale like this before.

Here’s to Financial Independence!

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