Introducing the All New Snowie Powders!

Simply, the most efficient way to Store, Ship, and Mix your Shaved Ice Flavors!

Why Powders? Well, with the advent of new(ish) packaging, powders have become an amazing way to store, ship, and mix anything with many more advantages:

1. Save money on shipping.

You may recall that we created a two ounce version of our liquid concentrate in order to help you save on shipping. While that worked, it was still liquid, we were still shipping water, and all we could do to help you on the shipping side, was to send you less.  This is no longer the case, now you will be able to purchase as much flavor concentrate as you wish and we will not ship you one ounce of liquid, giving you the cheapest way to purchase and ship high quality Shaved Ice Flavors and Syrup. In fact, we will now be able to send you a packet large enough to flavor a pint for little more than the cost of a stamp! Whether you realize it or not, this is a MASSIVE benefit to you, our customer!

2. Shelf stable without refrigeration.  

Just like our liquid line, you will be able to purchase our amazing Snowie Originals as well as our ground breaking Snowie Naturals. Once you mix these fantastic flavors, you will notice that it is the same shaved ice syrup you have always received from Snowie, it just comes with some serious benefits. How about this one for instance… It already comes preserved…

… Wait, what?

Thats right, when you mix your sugar and water with this product, not only will it be the same amazing flavor and vibrant color but they’re shelf stable for a year without refrigeration.

3. Ease of use.

Each flavor pack is made small enough that you can stick it through the mouth of nearly any bottle keeping the mixing process precise and clean.  Each packet will make one pint of flavor. If you need to make a quart, simply add two packets to your quart bottle, top it off with your sugar and water and you are back in business.

4. In the Natural Powder line, long lasting and more vibrant NATURAL colors.

How about an increase in the longevity of the product? This is perhaps the biggest benefit with the powder line of flavors. The Snowie Naturals line of flavors has been a massive success with just one draw back- the natural colors suspended in liquid faded rather quickly. That is not the case with the powder line. The clock doesn’t start ticking until the flavor is mixed with water but even then, you can expect the color to be bright in your bottle for at least 6 months but you’ll go through it long before that day ever comes. In fact, the new natural powder line of flavors packs such a punch of color and flavor, you’ll be lucky if you don’t go through it in a day! Now your colors will be as crisp, bright and look delicious on every pour!

Make sure you check out our new Snowie Powders available in Snowie Originals and Snowie Naturals Coming Soon.