New Year, New Opportunities!

It is funny, I now hear all the time how you shouldn’t make New Years resolutions because nobody ever keeps them. That is the same thing as saying, never make a goal for yourself because you may not achieve it. I know their intent is that you should set those goals when you are ready tackle them, not just simply at the turn of a new year. However, a new year is a great time to look at the past and contemplate the new year to come. There really is no other time that forces mankind as a whole, to look back on their actions, on their finances, on their failures and successes. It is a built in time of reflection and we should use that to make necessary changes for our future.

We are constantly trying to figure out how we can better broadcast our message to the world. “To the world?” you might ask, “isn’t that a bit pretentious?” “Is your message really that important?”

Actually… Yes!

We live in a world where they are still talking about kids being hungry in the summer for lunch because they don’t get the default meal like they did in School. We are perpetually hearing about how people are looking for work, or working three jobs just to make ends meet. We also live in a world that is inundated with get rich quick schemes and easy way outs.

Our opportunity is real. It will not make you a millionaire overnight, but there is a very real possibility that you could add $30,000, $50,000, or $100,000+ to your income this summer. Who couldn’t use that?

There is no guarantee that you are going to make any money because we cannot make you work. It does require work, everything requires work. If you do put in the effort necessary, if you do promote your own business, the potential is absolutely real.

Our opportunity can fit any lifestyle. We create Buses, Vans, Buildings, Kiosks, Carts, Bicycles, and every other piece of equipment and product you can think of to run an efficient and savvy, Shaved Ice business. The time you invest is up to you. You can have your hands in the business every minute of the day, or you can simply manage your stands and employees to make sure things are running as they should be.

And here is the best part. We are not a franchise!

Most of you hearing this right now couldn’t care less about that phrase, but let me say it again, and tell you why you should care.

We are not a franchise!

This means that we do not ever have our hands in your pockets. We do not charge Franchise Fees, Marketing Fees, Royalties, and on and on and on. In a franchise, you will always pay a good portion of your profits back to the corporate entity. They make you feel good about this through their marketing efforts or protecting your territory. But protecting it from who? your competitors? Nope! They can only protect other, like minded individuals who are in the same franchise as you. That’s it! They have zero power beyond that. And as far as marketing goes, what could you do with an extra $6000 – $10,000 a year to promote your own local business? A lot… More than they could do.

We simply provide you with the absolute best equipment possible, share with you our experience in doing the business, connect you with others, and then set you free, truly free to start your new venture.

The best exposure to what we have to offer is a 2-Day Summit in Salt Lake City that costs only $100 to attend. It is on Feb 28th – March 1st. You even get to apply that $100 to any purchase if you decide to do so. So in a sense, the event is free. You can register for that event here: . Or you can simply talk to us on the phone, over email, or even live chat. We love to share what we do, the rest is up to you.

The new year is actually the best time to think about a summer business. Most people make the decision to start a shaved ice business in the middle of summer when they have to wait for the following summer to even begin. Don’t make that mistake. Start right now and have this summer make a difference in your life.

We wish each of you a happy new year and hope you have an incredible and profitable 2019!