Don’t Buy a Shaved Ice Franchise Before Attending This Event – Snowie Summit

Hello everyone. It has been a while since I was on this end of the camera but I wanted to take a moment and remind everyone about the Snowie Summit which is one month away! We are sending out the schedule today as well, so take a look at that when you have a moment. We get a lot of questions concerning the Summit and I wanted to address some of them here. 

First, this event is essentially free. I say essentially because while the event costs $100, if you attend the Summit you may apply that $100 towards any purchase from Snowie. There aren’t many events anymore that actually offer valuable information for free. I do have to add that this may be the last year where we will offer the Summit for free, there are still some decisions being made on this and we will let everyone know at the Summit. I can’t share any details right now but there are some amazing things coming around the corner and the Summit may need to incur some changes. There might even be the creation of a second event… We’ll see.  

Second, we often get asked who this event is for? I will say, when we originally created the Summit it was intended for those who were brand new to the shaved ice industry. But ever since our first event, we have had years of Snowie vendors returning to the Summit each and every year, it then forced it to become so much more than an introduction to Snowie. 

This year we are catering to Snowie veterans like never before. There is as much information at this Summit for those who are seasoned in this business as there is for those who are brand new. So whether you are just starting out or looking for ways to expand, you will equally benefit from attending the Snowie Summit. 

I have always felt that one of the greatest benefits of the Summit is the education attendees get from one another. The  opportunity to speak with someone who has truly excelled in this business and who is not part of corporate Snowie, is a massive opportunity at no cost to you. Come and rub shoulders with others who share your passion about entrepreneurship and Shaved Ice.   

Third, will you be sharing anything new at the Summit? I have to chuckle at this one.  Those of you who have attended the Summit before know that there is always something new. In fact it is never just one new thing, it has always been many new products and approaches to make selling shaved ice smoother, faster, and more profitable than ever before. In fact, on top of the new products that we will be presenting this year, we will be announcing a new financing option that will make our vehicles and stands more accessible than ever before.

Fourth, are there any other events or activities outside of the conference? Yes! For the past few years we have done a casino night that is an absolute blast. We receive positive feedback about this event every year. While you listen to live music you get to gamble using chips that have no real world value outside of the Snowieverse. It is all play money that you get to use to bid on cool prizes in the auction at the end of the night. 

Fifth, What will I get out of the Summit? Well, the Snowie Summit is a bit of Show and Tell. We give you every opportunity to use and experience every piece of equipment we have to offer. We believe we have the very best equipment in the industry and we believe that equipment gets better every year. The reason it gets better every year is because we are out there with you. We are in the trenches experiencing for ourselves what is better and what is not. We also take your feedback and put it directly into each of our products. We listen and we do.

We also believe that we offer the best opportunity in the shaved ice industry. We allow people to get into this business on any budget. You can start on a grand scale and take over the world, or you can simply buy a shaver and test the waters, it is up to you. We don’t collect franchise fees, royalties, we don’t limit you by territory, we simply offer you the best equipment and supplies available and get out of your way. We never have our hand in your pocket. What you make is yours and we have always felt that is the best way to do business.  

What you will find at the Snowie Summit is Opportunity. We will give you everything you need to make that opportunity a reality. 

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1 thoughts on “Don’t Buy a Shaved Ice Franchise Before Attending This Event – Snowie Summit

  1. Nicolas says:

    So sad that we cannot attend to the summit this year. It’s gonna be NASCAR week in Vegas, and all our shavers will be working hard.
    Hopefully we will have a video to resume the big new changes :)