Have you ever tried a Snowie?

If not, then you probably can’t understand the love our customers develop for a Snowie. No, not a snow cone, a Snowie. What separates us is a combination of the best quality of ingredients, the finest shaved-ice on the planet (yes, we are bringing Hawaii to your shopping center), and a level of customer service that changes getting just a snow cone to a Snowie Experience we truly are The finest in Shaved-Ice.


One of Snowie’s greatest assets is the dynamic visual and walk-up appeal it offers. The Snowie building is an ultra-modern building planned around both form and function. The exterior is designed to attract customers with vibrant full color Snowie graphics. It is an entirely self-contained system that meets or exceeds all the local health requirements. The interior is designed to allow efficient service and still provide storage space and maintain visual charm.


The quality is simple: provide a shaved ice that literally dissolves on your tongue and then add a flavor that has frequently been described as addicting and you have created a product that brings the customers back, often on a daily basis.


Product is critical, but is it a distant second to great service. Our employees are carefully selected. We recruit from local high schools and colleges to find employees that mirror our passion for service. References are a critical part in that selection. Our employees represent you as much as they do us.


Traditionally, your number of tenants is limited to the amount of store front space you have built. However, Snowie has found a way for even a couple of parking spaces to provide an income stream to your facilities. Our buildings are temporary and can be set up in a couple of hours and can be removed just as quickly at the end of the season. When we leave, the only thing that remains is the hunger our customers have for another Snowie.


This is the most vital, takes the most time to accomplish and is a never-ending agenda. Our reputation is two-fold. First, we must always maintain our reputation with our customers, both in appeal as well as providing quality and service that are unparalleled. People want consistency in what they get, regardless of where they buy from us. It is the look and the taste that have established us as the top shaved-ice vendor. Second, those who work with us behind the scenes, will tell you that integrity is paramount. We work closely with many other vendors, event management teams, facilities managers, zoning and health department staff and numerous other organizations and individuals. We value those relationships and work tirelessly to maintain them. Our reputation is that we deliver a great product and do so with integrity and even have a little fun along the way.


Hands down, SnowieTM leads the industry in high-quality shaved-ice snow-cone equipment. From state-of-the art ice shavers, colorful carts and concession stands to delicious flavors—SnowieTM provides it all. Over our 30 years in the industry, we’ve refined our designs and created new products to let you work smarter, faster, and more cost-effectively.

Our high-quality engineered products are renowned throughout the industry. SnowieTM isn’t your ordinary snow-cone. Our engineered ice shavers produce a fine, melt-in-your-mouth experience—and with over 50 flavors to choose from, you’ll offer customers a truly unique treat they’ll be telling their friends about!

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