How Two Ounce Flavor Concentrates Can Help You Save on Shipping

Hello Everyone,

As you can tell in this video, shipping is a constant but necessary frustration for us. We negotiate rates like you wouldn’t believe, and pass those rates directly on to you. But with the new mentality that Amazon has cast upon the world, everyone now feels that shipping should be free. Not only free, but 2nd Day Air… Free. Anyone reading this should realize that this is totally nuts. We used to never ship anything 2nd Day Air unless it was an emergency. But now Amazon, after taking a 5 Billion dollar loss in shipping last year, has convinced the world that shipping should be extremely fast and extremely cheap. 

Trust me, I am not complaining. I love to get what I ordered fast and cheap and capitalism will always provide a way for us to make the impossible possible.  In fact, we have something coming around the corner, (before summer, we hope), that will blow your mind on shipping. We will be able to ship you your products faster and far cheaper than ever before. But that is another story that will be told in a few months.  

Right now, we would like to educate you on our new 2 ounce flavors. These are primarily purposed for home consumers, but can be used by you business owners as well. Quickly, before I get to the consumer side, why would it benefit you business owners to have a 2 Ounce bottle of concentrate when you can already buy a pint?

The answer is that it will allow you to expand your product base without committing to it in large quantities. This way you can do “Flavor of the Day” promotions, or simply test new flavors out on your customer base. People always like to have something new and this will provide you with the ability to satisfy that at a much lower cost. 

Ok, now back to those of you at home. Until now, you have been buying flavors as a Ready-To-Use Pint. This is extremely easy for you, but it is usually a costly trade-off when it comes to shipping.  There are a few places in the country where it costs more to ship you this product than it costs to buy the product and that is frustrating as a consumer. 

Our solution for this is to do what we have done for our business owners. We send them a bottle of concentrate and then let them buy the sugar and obtain water locally. As you may have gathered from above, we normally ship a pint of concentrate, which will make either 32 pints, 16 quarts, or four gallons of flavor. 

The two ounce option that we are now offering will allow you to make 4 pints, 2 quarts, or 1/2 gallon of shaved ice syrup without the painful expense of shipping. We hope this will make the experience of having a Little Snowie in your home all the better!

As I mentioned earlier, we have a massive shipping change coming around the corner that will bennefit each of you business owners and consumer alike. Watch for that announcement around the corner. 

We truly appreciate each of you and thank you for doing business with Snowie.