Flavor Friday Episode #8 – 50 Gallons of Sugar Water

Today we are mixing a larger amount of sugar water for larger shaved ice businesses. This episode is for those of you who are going crazy making one 5 gallon jug at a time.

So, as with Snowie tradition, if it feels too much like work, there must be a better way. Today we are going to show you a better way.

In past episodes, Callie has introduced both our 30 Gallon Mixer and our 50 Gallon Mixer. While these are obvious numbers, I am going to state them anyway. Using the 30 gallon mixer is the same as making (6) 5 gallon jugs of sugar water. The 50 gallon mixer, of course, is like making (10) 5 gallon jugs of sugar water. Now, as you have seen in  previous videos, it is extremely easy to make (10) 5 gallon jugs of sugar water. This only really becomes a problem when you have to do it again and again, sometimes in the same day. So how amazing would it be to add all your contents into one container (separating, of course, when your preservative and citric acid are added), let it mix, then simply distribute it into whatever jugs you desire? Insanely amazing!

The container we are talking about  today is our 50 gallon mixer. This mixer has a top mounted motor with a long mixing rod that has two props for a more agitation while mixing. The process for making sugar water or simple syrup in this larger quantity is exactly the same as making it in a 5 gallon jug, just multiply your quantities by 10.

I will go through the process of making 50 gallons of sugar water so you have a text reference:

First, add 5 gallons of water.

Second, add your preservative. If you are using the powder, you will use one scoop per 5 gallons, so you will use 10 scoops. If you have the liquid preservative, you will use 2 ounces per 5 gallons causing you to use 20 ounces of liquid preservative.

Third, add Shooga. Ok, it is sugar, but how much more fun is it to say, “Shooga.” Add 250 lbs of sugar. That is (10) 25 lb bags of sugar.

Fourth, top your water off at the 50 gallon mark. Once you start mixing and your sugar starts to shift, the mixture level will drop, but lets get your sugar dissolved first before we worry about the actual level.

Fifth, while you are mixing in your sugar, go ahead and add your Citric Acid. Add one scoop of powder for every 5 gallons. The calculation is the same whether you have powder or liquid Citric Acid, use one ounce for every 5 gallons.  You are going to add 10 ounces of Citric Acid to make your 50 gallons of Sugar Water.

Sixth, turn off the mixing motor and let your mixture come to a stop.  You will notice the level drop because the sugar water is no longer spinning. Now, add water until it reaches the 50 gallon mark and then mix for another minute or so.

Seventh, while you are running this last quick mix, it is a good idea to pour off some of your sugar water into a 5 gallon jug and return that to the top of the mixture. This helps to make sure you do not have a build up of sugar or preservative in the pour spout at the bottom of the container.

That’s it, Happy Mixing!

Thanks for watching Flavor Friday, Episode 8 on making sugar water in a 50 Gallon Mixer!

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