Spring Is Officially Here! In celebration of that we are kicking off our 2015 Season with a new contest that could be a huge benefit for you this year. As many of you know, the cost to maintain and run a Snowie shaved ice business is really quite low, especially when compared to other businesses. […]

This week we are talking about the power requirements for your Snowie Shaved Ice Business. This, of course, includes all of the equipment for your Shaved Ice business, whether it is your actual stand, like a Snowie Building, Kiosk, Cart, Bus, or your Ice Shaver, whether you own the Snowie Block Ice Shaver, the Snowie 3000 […]

We had an incredible training in March of this year. Due to the response that we received from the attendees, we are absolutely doing it again in 2015. Based on that same response, we are changing a few things. [twocol_one] [unordered_list style=”arrow”] We are bumping it up a month so that people will have more […]

Last year’s Snowie Shaved Ice Summit brought together a wonderful, unique group of people from various locations across the United States, Mexico and Trinidad. As you can imagine, their success stories were widely varied and they all brought unique perspectives about running a shaved ice business. Some of them have done it for years, others […]

Opportunity! I have written about this word before and it often comes back to me as we witness and remember events in our world. I love the word opportunity because it literally has no limits, boundaries, restrictions or confinements. It is endless in its progression. The only restriction you can place on opportunity is yourself. […]

Due to the high volume of questions that we receive on toppings for Shaved Ice and Add-ins such as Ice Cream, as well as Additional and Off-Season Products I decided to do today’s webinar on that subject. We start out with Toppings on Shaved Ice. While I was prepping for this webinar, I decided to […]

Happy New Year! Most of Snowie’s customers are people looking to supplement or replace their current income. They’re either unhappy with their current employment, unemployed, or would like to cushion their salary with additional income. There are other scenarios of course, but whatever the case, all of these people want to make a significant change […]