Talking Shop Tuesdays Episode #2 – New Motorized Telescoping Poles

We are accomplishing two tasks by publishing this post. First, we are announcing our new motorized telescoping poles that we now install on the Snowie Shaved Ice Kiosks, and secondly, we want to educate those of you who have a kiosk with the new motorized telescoping poles.

Let’s start with the poles themselves. Gordon mentions in the video that it used to be fairly difficult to be able to setup an event on your own. To offset this difficulty, we put gas assisted shocks int the kiosks to help with this process. Our idea was that one person could stand on one side and lift while the other side would lift itself. When your day came to an end, you would actually go to the side with the gas assisted shock and pull it down while the other side collapsed on its own. This was a great idea and worked until the shock began to weaken over time and needed to be replaced. If that shock is weak, it can be quite difficult to lift and collapse that top.

We have always wanted to introduce a motorized version but always felt there was an element of danger involved. The last thing we want is for people to get hurt. Therefore, we would keep improving the gas option.

We then came across this lift that moved slowly. We almost didn’t do it because it moved so slow. When you first start using it, it feels like a scene from Austin Powers where the guy couldn’t get away from the slow moving steam roller. However, after you use it for a bit, you will appreciate that it is slow and safe. Make sure you still keep a close eye on it to make sure nobody gets in the way of its travel. If you are not watching, someone can always get hurt, no matter how slow it travels.

Now you can setup for an event on your own. Simply connect power to the kiosk, plug in the lift, sync the remote and then press the button to lift or lower the top of the kiosk! All you have to do after that is lift your Shaved Ice Machine and setup your Flavor Station to dispense your snow cone flavors. Depending on your Flavor Station, you may need to get some help to properly lift and set it up.

Let’s go through that process of lifting and lowering the kiosk. Gordon tells us in the video to keep the lift unplugged. There is no reason to keep it plugged in because it does not have to remain plugged in to keep the poles in position. You will just run the fan on the inverter for no reason. Another important point is the remote will no longer sync with the lifts once it has sat for a minute or two. Although there are other ways to resync the remote, we have found the best way is to unplug the lift, wait for a second or two and plug it back in. Next, hold the up and down arrows on the remote to until you see a green light on the remote. Hold those buttons for another ten seconds and then let them go. As you do this, you will hear the motors chirp. You are now in sync.

Now, simply press the single up or down button to make it move. When you get to the top of the white sleeves, use this location to measure whether both sides are traveling at the same rate. If they are not, you can adjust each side by using the top arrows that let you control each side. If you stand at the back door, you simply use the right arrow to lift the right pole or the left arrow for the left pole. Once they are even, continue to lift with one button. If you lift the poles too high or try to collapse it too much, the motors will bog and whine. When you hear this sound, let go of the buttons immediately. If you do not let them go, you will blow a fuse in the control box.

Speaking of the fuses, he shows us an example of this control box that is mounted on the bottom counter. First, take the cover off the box and you will notice five yellow fuses. This setup only requires two of them, so you can use the remaining three fuses as spares. These fuses are just like the the ones in your car. The fuses that are near the wires that are attached to the box, are the two that you are using. Check each of them and replace the fuse that is blown.

I have always loveed using the kiosk at events. I am the quickest one to setup and the first one to leave. My neighboring vendors always express their frustration with the amount of setup and tear-down they have at each event with their concession equipment, when all we do is put our shaved ice equipment inside, drop the top, attach it to the truck and drive away. We are excited to make the already effortless Snowie Kiosk, even easier! Check out all of our shaved ice machines and equipment at