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How Snowie Shaved Ice can make 2015 your best year yet

Happy New Year! Most of Snowie’s customers are people looking to supplement or replace their current income. They’re either unhappy with their current employment, unemployed, or would like to cushion [...]

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Starting or expanding your Shaved Ice Business – Snowie Summit 2015 – Shaved Ice Business Training

Home So, you would like to start doing Shaved Ice as a business or expand what you are doing currently? Well, one of the best ways to get started or [...]

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How to make your sugar water for your shaved ice business. Using our new 30 gallon mixer.

Home This video is a discussion and demonstration on making sugar water for your shaved ice business in our 30 Gallon Mixer. This mixer now has the option to [...]

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Snowie Spotlight Webinars

Snowie Webinar #26 – Buildings and Kiosks – Shaved Ice Stands and Concession Stands

Today, Gordon and Carl joined us to speak about their standard Concession or Shaved Ice stands. They call these stands Buildings and Kiosks. You will learn the differences in the [...]

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Snowie Spotlight Webinars

Snowie Webinar #25 – The Snowie Bus

Webinar #25 – is a discussion on the Snowie Shaved Ice Bus.  Our blog entry did not launch as expected.  So here you go.  A blog entry for #26 will [...]

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Be eligible for Local Media Coverage of your Snowie Shaved Ice Business

Hello all of you fabulous Snowie owners out there. We have a lot of incredible things in the works, and one of our major focuses is helping to increase your [...]

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Sugar Free Shaved Ice Flavors – Sweet Thickener

I received a comment the other day on our website that stated how much more successful we would be if we offered Sugar Free Flavors. I guess we have not [...]

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We have now added Blue to our Natural Shaved Ice Flavor Line

As you can tell from watching some of the news clips that we have been in recently, we have an FDA approved color Blue that we can now use in [...]

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Retired Sacramento Sheriff’s Deputy is an Encore Entrepreneur with Snowie Shaved Ice

This was a great segment by Sacramento ABC News 10 on Rick Voss who is part of a rapidly growing group called Encore Entrepreneurs.  These are individuals who are over 50 and make [...]

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Just posted Webinar 22 – Financing your Shaved Ice Business and other Equipment

Today we met with a company called Lease Station.  These guys actually contacted Snowie Shaved Ice and told us that they believed they could offer a financing program that nobody [...]

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