Just posted Webinar 22 – Financing your Shaved Ice Business and other Equipment

Financing, Business Opportunity

Today we met with a company called Lease Station.  These guys actually contacted Snowie Shaved Ice and told us that they believed they could offer a financing program that nobody could compete with.  After some convincing conversation, we decided that we would like to give them a shot.

Lease Station is actually very similar to Paramount Financial, but they felt like they had a few items that differentiated them.  I will touch on a couple of those here.  It was a great conversation and I encourage you to have a listen if you are considering Financing for your Snowie Equipment.

Lease Station now offers their minimum financing amount at $1000.  Paramount currently sits at $3000.  They both have very high Maximums that exceed $2,000,000.

When we originally spoke with Paramount Financial, they offered a 90-Day Interest Free option that got canceled later that summer.  Lease Station has now brought back that in the form of a deferment.  The way these loans work is that the interest is already put into the total cost of the loan.  So it does not matter if you defer the payment, or soften some of the payments during your off-season, you will still pay the same amount in interest.

This is an incredible opportunity for people who run a seasonal business.  I mean, you can’t beg a company to reduce and even remove your payments during your off-season and increase them in your busy season.  I know for a lot of people, this is a dream come true.

They talk a lot about helping people with a 580 FICO and some bankruptcy history.  Obviously this is a hard area to be able to fund, and those funds are limited in their amount, but the good news is that they can help you get started.  Make a change in your life and become profitable.

I just had a question online today that asked what the penalty would be if they were to purchase a building and then not be able to make the payments on that.  The financing company is going to be the company that will issue penalties and repossessions.  Snowie does not do that.  We also are not a franchise, so we are not throwing quotas at you.  We do not charge you royalties and/or franchise fees.  As long as you keep paying the financing company, you will be alright.  You do not owe snowie money after your initial purchase.  We will help you get into the business and will continue to help and educate you, but you do not have financial contractual obligations to be in business with us.

With that said, we do have Management/Marketing packages where people will pay a monthly subscriptions to have access to various content, logos, etc. but those are optional.

The discussion continues and touches on many areas.  Please have a listen, and feel free to ask questions if any arise.  We are here to help you get into business for yourself, and we love to help make that happen in the best way possible.

– Aaron