Webinar #21 – Shaver Comparisons – Making snow from the best Ice Shavers in the world

Webinar #21 – Shaver Comparisons – Making snow from the best Ice Shavers in the world

Flavor on incredible snow
Flavor on incredible snow

We have a lot of questions that continue to roll in concerning our shavers.  Although we have done other webinars on this subject, I wanted to do one again to answer some of our frequently asked questions.

I think the most common out of all of the questions is, “Do your cube shavers produce Shaved Ice or Sno Cone textured snow?”  The answer to that question is, our Ice Shavers absolutely produce Shaved Ice or Shave Ice as many call it.  Our shavers will not produce anything that even comes close to Sno Cone type snow.

With that said, and this applies to all ice shavers.  If you do not watch the ice you are putting into your ice shaver, you can get some undesired product out of that shaver. Remember the old computer term they always told us in the 80’s?  “Garbage In, Garbage Out.”  If you put good ice in your shaver, and by “good” I mean you are using as big and round of cube as possible, and your ice is cold, you will get wonderful snow from those shavers.

Now, the next question is really why I wanted to kick this webinar off.  That question is, “What is the difference between your Snowie 3000 Ice Shavers and your Snowie Block Ice Shaver?”

I answer that in this webinar, but will also touch on it here.  If you want perfect snow, then you are going to want a Block Ice Shaver.  You just can’t beat shaving from a perfectly flat surface.  Now, I hate saying that, because it makes it seem like our Cube Ice Shavers are not sufficient.  That is not the case, as I mention in the webinar, if you had perfectly round cubes, your snow would be identical to that produced from block ice.

However, since it is very hard to get perfectly round cubes, your easier option for perfect snow is the Block Ice Shaver.  Now there are other factors that play a role here as well that I touch on, like compressed block ice versus solid block ice, temperature of ice, speed of your shave, etc.  The same rule applies here.  You get out of your machine what you put in it.  If you are conscious if your ice and put a nice, solid, cold block of ice in your shaver, your snow will be unreal.

Now, I refer to another shaver during the webinar, but have opted to take the name out. That shaver will shave from a single blade that is roughly about 4 inches long.  It can make a wonderful snow, but it will take a long time to do so.  It also produces a different kind of snow.  Where that shaver produces what we often refer to as a “ribbon” of snow, ours will take on the more natural form of snow.  It has an almost styrofoam looking texture.  It does not feel like styrofoam, it just looks like it.  If you were to go outside in the winter and watch how lightly fallen snow accumulates on itself, you could say it looks a bit like styrofoam.

Both styles of snow make a wonderful product.  Both style shavers can make a bad product depending on the person operating it, the ice going into it, and the speed or the slant at which the shaver is shaving.

The main things that differentiate us are that we produce wonderful snow, but we do it quickly.  We also do not have blades that you need to adjust, align, or sharpen.  Our blades are disposable.  Once you have moved the blade three cycles, you will then replace the blade.

It has been over two years since we sent out our first blades, and we still have not heard back from anyone who has replaced those blades due to dulling.  They are a very strong and durable blade.  You will love working with this machine.

You also do not have to balance and center that block like in other shavers.  Our blades spin and our block is held still.  Now you do not have to worry about the block becoming off-center and dismounting.

There are many other topics covered in this webinar.  Please take a look and let us know if you have any other questions.

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– Aaron

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