Snowie Webinar #26 – Buildings and Kiosks – Shaved Ice Stands and Concession Stands

Snowie Building, Kiosk, Concession Stand, Shaved Ice Stand

Today, Gordon and Carl joined us to speak about their standard Concession or Shaved Ice stands. They call these stands Buildings and Kiosks. You will learn the differences in the video, but to give you a brief summary here, the two stands are identical other than the building has enclosed in windows. This allows you to incorporate Air Conditioning, as well as additional security, meaning that you can leave the building onsite and it will lockdown tight.

The Kiosk, on the other hand, has a collapsable top. This allows for easy travel and keeps your serving area wide open. This is wonderful for events because you are able to serve a broad crowd rather than a single line.

We touch on the many advantages these stands have in their construction. They are made out of boat materials which means they have no rot or rust. These stands are built to last a very long time. These stands are made completely of Fiberglass, Aluminum, and Plastic. You can literally take your stand at the end of an event and pressure spray the inside as well as the outside and not worry about water hurting the interior of the building. The fiberglass that I mentioned is also a FDA-Approved fiberglass countertop, just like you would see in McDonalds. It is a very safe food grade material giving us one of the many reasons why the health departments love our stands.

The water system has a three basin utility sink for wash rinse and sanitize. These compartments are large enough to accommodate your largest utensil, which in this case would be your 32 ounce serving bottle. We have separated our hand washing sink on another counter, so we do not have to put an ugly divider in-between the two sink systems. This water system is completely self contained with a 15 Gallon Fresh Water tank and a 22 Gallon Waste tank. It also sports an instant hot water heater, which then gives you the ability to declare all of your fresh water as a hot water supply as well.

Gordon and Carl both touch on the power panel that we place on the outside of the building. It is wise to try and get 220 to that building. If you cannot get 220, then you will want to run two 110 feeds from different breakers to your building. Running one directly to your shaver and the other to the rest of the building. This will reduce any power issues you may have when all you can get is 110.

This power panel also allows you to run power to the ground or you have the ability to add a meter and pole to the top and allow the power company to run and bill power directly to your stand.

Another extremely cool feature on our stands is the mobility of them. They come with a full towing package that is built right into the stand itself. You can either keep your stand on wheels and serve shaved ice for the day, or you can take off the wheels in minutes and leave your stand at a permanent location to shave ice for the summer.

This stand, of course, is like a trailer as well. As you can see in the video, you can store all of your supplies, including your ice shaver, shaved ice flavors, sugar water, cups, etc. within the stand and tow it to your location. Even if you are doing a Flavor Station, it will fit nicely within your stand for transport, and then when you pull up onsite, unload everything inside and setup business. We like to say that at every event, we are the first to setup and the first ones to leave. It is extremely easy and removes more work than you can imagine.

Even if you have done shaved ice before, you need to try doing it using the concepts from Snowie Shaved Ice.