Snowie Webinar #25 – The Snowie Bus

Snowie Bus, Food Truck

Webinar #25 – is a discussion on the Snowie Shaved Ice Bus.  Our blog entry did not launch as expected.  So here you go.  A blog entry for #26 will follow shortly.


Today we hosted a webinar on the Snowie Bus.  This is our new 2015 version of the bus and we have lots of cool new features to show you along with some other neat details.

Snowie Shaved Ice Bus
Inside the Snowie Shaved Ice Bus

Let’s start by talking about some of the new features of the Bus. Although it is not totally new, it is still new to most who may be viewing this video. What I am referring to is the Drop Down Flavor Station that is mounted on the right, rear portion of the vehicle. For those of you who don’t know. The Snowie Flavor Station is an area where your customers can put their own flavor on their Shaved Ice. This is an amazing feature created by Snowie that has completely changed the Shaved Ice industry.

If your first thought is, “what about waste?” then have a conversation with a Snowie Representative today. They will clarify why it works to your advantage. In a nutshell, for every $25 you feel you have waisted by using the flavor station, you have sacrificed more than $450 in lost sales.

The Drop Down Flavor Station is the Flavor Station that we are migrating to because it allow us to serve multiple people at the same time, and it moves the crowd away from the serving window where you serve them their Shaved Ice. We have loved this flavor station and it seems to be the favorite among our current customers as well.

We have also added a sign and light to the top of the bus like we have on each of our stands. We are huge believers in trying to use as much space as you can at events to market your product. This sign on the bus and our other stands, sticks out so that people can see you if they are walking through a long line of vendors. You see, at an event, you are almost always in a long line with other vendors. When people are walking along that line, they will not see specific vendors until they are right in front of them. Our purpose, is to get you seen immediately, even before they begin that walk.

Another improvement we have made on the Snowie Bus is new solar panel system. We are always trying to draw as much power as possible from the sun. The purpose for this is two fold. One, it gives you an extended life on your power, and two, it is environmentally sound, and it gives you a talking point when pitching your business, thus differentiating yourself from other Shaved Ice Vendors.

We also added a magnetic face to the Bus, so that you can modify your menu and pricing on the fly. You can also quickly label and change the description on your serving windows. This was a request to that came from you. We do listen, and we do innovate on your feedback. Our interest is focused completely on your success, and listening to your feedback is crucial in order to make that a reality.

We get asked quite a bit about why we did not build the bus on a sprinter van chassis. Carl addresses this in the video and explains an experience when he purchased a sprinter van and brought it to the shop. After about one hour he realized that with everything we needed to add to the to make it functional and to have it pass health code, you would have work within a narrow pathway, thus making the vehicle unusable. So with that experience, and enough people wanting to have brand new vehicles, we transitioned to the Chevy Express.

One thing I do want to point out, and this gets talked about in the video as well, is that the top of the bus is cut out. People are drawn to the sprinter van because they feel it is tall and more comfortable. The Snowie Bus is a little deceiving because of the design. Although it does not look tall, it is actually quite tall and comfortable. I am 6’3” tall and I can stand up completely straight in the bus and still have over 3” of clearance at the lowest section (under the Air Conditioner).

These are just some of the items discussed in the video. Take some time today and watch this webinar on the Snowie Bus. Then give us a call. We can answer any additional questions you may have and help you get started on your new venture.

The Snowie Bus is just one item in a long line-up of stands and equipment available at Snowie Shaved Ice. Whether you have served Shaved Ice for years, or you are just getting started, we can help you. We do not force you to start on any level or budget. Wherever you are comfortable, or whatever you can afford, we can start you at that point and you can progress from there. Contact a Snowie Representative Today!