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I received a comment the other day on our website that stated how much more successful we would be if we offered Sugar Free Flavors.

I guess we have not marketed this well enough, because for about 13 years we have offered a product called Sweet Thickener.

Sweet Thickener

Not only do we sell sugar free Shaved Ice Flavors, but you can, quite literally, make every one of our Flavors Sugar Free.

The beauty behind this product, is not simply that it is Sugar Free, but that it produces an end product that is thick like syrup. There are many who attempt to put sweeteners in their Shaved Ice, but it does not work out because it is like putting flavored water on snow, it doesn’t work.

So how is this possible, you ask? What we do is we have packets like you see in the photo above. Each one of those packets you will use instead of Sugar when you are making your sugar water. Instead of 1-1/2 cups of sugar per pint, you will use one packet of Sweet Thickener. Put in water until your pint bottle is about 1/4. Now get your water spinning so the process starts mixing right away. If you don’t do this step, your Sweet Thickener product with encapsulate and not mix with the water, so you need to make sure that your water is agitating while you pour the powder in.

Once it is in and mixed well, add 1/2oz of concentrate to the bottle and then top off with water and shake. It is that easy. Now you are serving up the masses and able to take care of each and every one of them.

Actually, to take care of all of your customers, make sure you check out our Natural Line of Shaved Ice Flavors as well.

With all three of these options, Regular, Natural, and Sugar Free Flavors atop the perfect snow from your Snowie Ice Shaver, there is not a soul that you cannot satisfy with your wide variety delicious Snowie Shaved Ice Flavors.

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2 thoughts on “Sugar Free Shaved Ice Flavors – Sweet Thickener

  1. Rick Levine says:

    Good Morning,
    I was wondering once this product is mixed how long will it last ? With the sugar and the 2 additives I was told that the sugar syrup mixture will last for 1 year. I purchased the 1 gallon sugar-free packets. So, I’m going to mix the packet into the water then into the serving bottles. At that time how long will the sugar-free syrup last ? Looking forward to hearing from you….
    My cell phone is 239.229.7785 in the event you would rather call me.
    Thank You,
    Rick Levine