How Snowie Shaved Ice can make 2015 your best year yet

Snowie Shaved Ice 2015

Happy New Year!

Most of Snowie’s customers are people looking to supplement or replace their current income. They’re either unhappy with their current employment, unemployed, or would like to cushion their salary with additional income. There are other scenarios of course, but whatever the case, all of these people want to make a significant change in their lives.

Snowie Shaved Ice 2015

Change is something we look forward to and fear all at the same time. Oftentimes, we don’t make changes because we’re comfortable with our lives, our conditions, and surroundings. Even if these settings are undesirable, they’re comfortable and familiar. As long as external forces remain the same, we tend to remain unchanged as well. But even in this comfort we tend to carry a little fear. What if something changes? What if things don’t remain the same? What if my employment ends? What if…?

Sometimes, it’s this fear that drives us to make changes, or the realization that progression only occurs with change. Remember the definition for insanity? “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”

Even so, how many of us go through the same routines from yesterday, last week, last, month and last year, wondering why we’re in the same place? Have you ever had the realization while doing taxes that you’re no better off financially than you were the year before? Scrooge says it like this in A Christmas Carol: “…a time for finding yourself a year older but not a penny richer.”

I remember a popular sales coach recalling a conversation he had with a friend: “I don’t know how you go through each day not knowing how much you’ll make.” The sales coach replied with “I don’t know how you go through each day knowing exactly how much you’ll make.”

Personally, I can relate to both sides of the conversation. When you really look at it though, there are no guarantees in either scenario. Either way, there’s a risk to be taken and a reward to be had.

Our core purpose here at Snowie is to provide you with an avenue for change in your life — owning a shaved ice business. We’ve done things that made the rest of the industry call us crazy, but we did them anyway — with the intent to make the barrier of entry into this business lower for you, thus making the opportunity for change a reality and a little less scary. What have we done?

1. We provide you with the best shaved ice equipment in the industry: unique and attractive stands and trucks, innovative, state-of-the-art ice shavers and the most delicious flavors out there that will make your customers come back for more.

2. Unlike many shaved ice businesses, Snowie doesn’t charge a franchise fee, nor do we charge royalties. Many companies out there charge a significant fee upfront when committing to their franchise. They will also charge you an annual royalty fee based upon your performance. They have a constant eye on your business and your books. Snowie has never liked this concept and believe that the money you make from this business should be yours.

3. When committing to a franchise, you must also commit to their highest ticket, flagship product. Snowie differs in this way also by allowing you to start your business within your budget and desires. We don’t believe in forcing you to buy a product that may be a huge financial risk to you. Snowie lets you determine your own levels of risk and go from there.

4. We do not limit your territory. Snowie has many customers that do events and venues wherever there’s an opening. They make a strong effort to get into as many venues as they can without worrying about someone capitalizing on their effort. You can’t do this when you’re forced to operate in a confined territory.

5. Without fees and royalties, you’re only committed to the price of the equipment. We call royalty and franchise fees “blue sky.” It’s much harder to recover an investment on blue sky. It’s far more realistic and feasible to recoup your investment on physical equipment such as stands, buses and shavers.

We at Snowie are looking forward to an incredible 2015 — starting with our Snowie Summit training event February 5-6 in Salt Lake City, Utah. (Link this) If you’re looking for a change in 2015, we’d love to help. Give us a call or shoot us an email. There are many different directions you can take a shave ice business that will fit your lifestyle, budget, and time.

Happy New Year. May 2015 be a year of positive change for you and yours.

– Snowie Shaved Ice

2 thoughts on “How Snowie Shaved Ice can make 2015 your best year yet

  1. Schirlley Loureiro says:

    Good evening!

    I am Brazilian and I have researched something different to start my own business . Here in my area there is a proposal shaved ice but unfortunately we can not consume because it has no credibility the origin of ice and syrups . I think of this innovative ice shaving shopping in the city. There is interest in this partnership ? I look touch!
    Thankfully !!

    • Aaron says:

      I am not sure I understand your question completely, but we can help you with providing a certificate of origin on our flavors, etc. We have done business in Brazil already, so this should not be an issue.