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Snowie Shaved Ice Webinar Series #3 – Snowie Innovations

We begin this session with the question, “Excluding Snowie, what innovations have you seen in the Shaved Ice Industry over the past 15 years?”  The answer is very close to [...]

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New Products

New Snowie Carts

We have just launched 2 brand new carts! The Snowie Large and Small Push Carts. They are an inexpensive, alternative way to get into the shaved ice business. They are perfect [...]

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StartOpp Video Featuring Snowie Shaved Ice

A year or so ago, we hired StartOpp.com to create a video about Snowie Shaved Ice. The great thing we liked about StartOpp.com’s approach to creating a video is that [...]

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Snowie featured in Opportunity World Magazine

If you have ever considered opening your own Snowie stand, or if you just want to know more about it, here’s a great article on Snowie featured in Business Leader [...]

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