New Snowie Carts

New Snowie Shaved Ice Carts

We have just launched 2 brand new carts! The Snowie Large and Small Push Carts. They are an inexpensive, alternative way to get into the shaved ice business. They are perfect for the neighborhood street corner or the family reunion, or simply a fun way for for younger kids to make some extra money for the piggy bank. With the large umbrella it will be sure to keep you cool on those hot summer days and with an option to get an umbrella with our printed Snowie logo (+$300), this cart will be sure to draw attention.

They have an optional Big Wheel upgrade as well (+$95) to make it a bit easier if you find yourself trekking over grass or otherwise difficult ground. It’s light weight and is easy to throw in the back of a truck or a large van which makes it perfect for taking with you to any event be it family, friends, or a public event.

The small push cart comes in Blue or Black with the dimensions of  18 x 24 x 42, and the the large push carts comes full comes in Blue or Black while the ½ shelf is only available in black with the dimensions of  32 x 24 x 42 for the ½ shelf and 24 x 32 x 42 for the full shelf.

These carts are similar to our existing umbrella cart in that it does not contain a water system, so it needs to reside in close proximity to a water system.

We are excited for our new carts and we hope our customers just love them. If you are looking to get into the Shaved Ice business on a budget, than these new carts are a great option!


Snowie Large Push Cart

Snowie Small Push Cart
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Snowie Small Push Cart

Snowie Shelf Cart


20 thoughts on “New Snowie Carts

  1. LNK says:

    What portable power source would work for a Snowie 1000 or Snowie 3000 shaver? Any battery or generator suggestions?

    • Mauricio Monroy says:

      Hi Rockie you will need at least a 5000 watt generator to run a Snowie 3000AC. If you have more questions regarding power call Snowie and ask for Gregg Garing 801-268-2225.

  2. aaron says:


    You mention it needs a water source; what exactly for?
    Can a 5000 watt generator fit in at the bottom of the cart?
    Does the cart come with space to store extra ice bags?



    • Aaron says:


      Somehow your comment was in a deleted section, so I apologize for the late reply.

      It is showing in the backend that your comment was under the New Snowie Carts section. Those new push carts do not have Water Systems.

      The water systems are in the 5-Foot and 8-Foot carts as well as the kiosks and the buildings. It is required by the health department to have a water system in these stands. It is primarily for washing hands and misc equipment.

      I feel it is pretty safe to say that a generator will not fit in the bottom of the carts. We do carry generators in open area of the buildings and kiosks, but that is about it. Otherwise we are transporting them in the back of trucks, etc.

      The cart does not come with space to store ice. You will bring coolers for that. We have, however, built custom stands for people that desired to have an ice container in the counter. But those containers will normally only hold about 10-lbs of ice at a time.

      Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

      Also, please join us for our Webinar on Thursday at 11:00am Mountain Time. We will be able to answer any questions you and others may have.

    • Aaron says:

      Although we do not have any distributors in Indonesia at this time, we would be happy to help you any way we can.

      We supply many clients throughout the world and would love to help you get started in Shaved Ice.

      Thank you for contacting us.

  3. Franklin says:


    On the large carts, it looks like the height is 42 inches and the length is 32 or 24 inches. does the full shelf cart bush from the short side or long side? it only looks like the length x width dimensions were switched between the half shel and full shelf. Does the full shelf split to access the flavor bottles below? does it work with quart bottles or just pints? Can the online order show total pricing including shipping, before entering crfedit card info?


    • Aaron says:

      Ok, it looks like the x/y dimensions was a typo. It is the same on both. They both push from the short side. The only difference between the carts is the top shelf. It looks like the height dimensions were entered wrong as well. We are measuring while I am typing. I will have corrected dimensions on the site when I finish this as well.

      Ok, The large cart has a height of 34.5″ and the small cart is 31″ I am wondering now if they were taking into account the height of the shaver when placed on top.

      Anyway, I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have further questions,

      – Aaron

    • Aaron says:

      We have not been able to find an inverter that is able to support the Snowie 3000. You are far better off getting the DC (12v) version of the Snowie 3000.

      Please let me know if you have any additional questions,

      – Aaron

  4. chellemcd says:

    I ordered a Lil Snowie 2 which has an offer of 3 “free” pints, however, when I place my order the shipping keeps coming up as $54. Why is that?

    • Aaron Rupp says:

      I believe I spoke with you earlier, if not, please let me know. That shipping is obviously wrong and we will always make sure that we give you the correct shipping. If our website ever throws out a bad shipping quote, please call us and we will correct it immediately. We try to stay on top of how the website is calculating those items.

      Thank you for reaching out and letting us know. We hope you are loving your Little Snowie 2.

  5. Beatrice says:

    How much is the cost, and do I need any permit to mobilize this units, I’m from Texas?

    • Aaron Rupp says:

      Yes, you will need a permit to operate these units, both from the health department as well as the city and county. The costs for these carts are next to each one respectively. Please let us know if you have any further questions.