Snowie Shaved Ice Webinar Series #3 – Snowie Innovations

We begin this session with the question, “Excluding Snowie, what innovations have you seen in the Shaved Ice Industry over the past 15 years?”  The answer is very close to none.

Snowie has been the sole innovator in Shaved Ice for the past 15 years.  Carl Rupp, can then take that record back about 35 years or so.  Hands down, there is no other company that is as devoted to Shaved Ice than Snowie.

When Carl first started doing Shaved Ice, he designed an ice shaver that changed the industry then.  15 years ago, he stood on the shoulders of that technology and created ice shavers that not only shave beautiful shaved ice, but can do it with the efficiency of a customer being served every three seconds.  Many other shaved ice machines and companies are taking minutes to provide the same product to their customers.

Then came the Little Snowie Home Ice Shaver, that finally put a machine in the home that would rival the speed, quality, and dependability of commercial shavers.

The Flavor Station then emerged and took sporting events, fairs, concerts, and all other large gatherings by storm.  If your gut instinct is to not use the flavor station due to waste, you have got to watch this segment and request a cost breakdown from Lyle.  You will not believe the profit you are turning down, in order to save a little.  It is absolutely unreal.

Then you have Snowie’s Buildings, Kiosks, Carts, Stands, etc.  We ourselves, as well as our clients, have physically taken the stands to help pitch a location when they had already said no.  We obviously don’t do it to be annoying, but we realize that it is pretty common for Shaved Ice stands to take on the look of a modified shed.  While that is fine and even fitting in some areas, you will never get a stadium or arena to every let you in without a powerful, professional brand, stand, and product.

The Snowie Bus then changed the whole thinking behind location based Shaved Ice.  While Location, Location, Location, is still critical to this business, it is mighty freeing to hit the road and have the world be your location.  The Bus isn’t simply another Food Truck.  It is an attraction.  People are constantly taking pictures in front of it and making Snowie a part of their experience.

The Block Shaver that was just released last year, is the most innovative Shaved Ice Machine to ever hit the market.  We originally gained our speed by using cubed ice in our 3000 and 1000 ice shavers, but we have just matched that speed with a block.  To the untrained ear, this may not sound like much, but to those in know, this is an absolutely amazing feat.

The advent of the latest drill mixer and mount allows everyone to now cut down significantly on prep time and labor.  While we have done many things to cut down on labor and effort during an event, we have also changed everything when preparing for an event.

It is our goal to make running a Snowie Shaved Ice stand the most pleasant money making experience of your life.