StartOpp Video Featuring Snowie Shaved Ice

Snowie Shaved Ice Featured on

A year or so ago, we hired to create a video about Snowie Shaved Ice. The great thing we liked about’s approach to creating a video is that they are a 3rd party perspective on our company and in their videos the show 4 different perspectives.

  1. 1st Perspective: The Corporate Ownership
  2. 2nd Perspective: Most Successful Customer
  3. 3rd Perspective: The Newest Customer
  4. 4th Perspective: Your View

With’s video you will learn more about Snowie in the 15 minute video than if you sat down and read all the documentation we provide. We thought it be great to showcase this on our site once more to let those that haven’t seen it get the opportunity to see it. Click the link below to watch the video.