Snowie Business and Equipment Training



[dropcap]O[/dropcap]n March 26-28th 2014, we will be holding an onsite Snowie Shaved Ice Training for all those who are interested. You could already have been in the business for years, or you could be brand new and just purchasing your first stand. No matter what level of the business you are in, you will find this training beneficial.

We will be focusing on many different areas of the business and have specific instructors who’s training will be geared to the type of venue you service or the type of equipment you run.

Aside from the inside know-how, we will have training on how to run the back-end of your business as well. We will teach you how to properly manage your employees, how to pitch your Snowie to Venues and Locations, how to tackle your marketing, and much more.

We will be happy to feed you while you are here. All you will need to worry about is Travel and Lodging. We will take care of the rest.

[highlight]Come experience what Snowie is like from the very creators![/highlight] Meet others who have been in the business for years and share the secrets that have brought them ultimate success.

We have always offered this type of training on an individual basis, and now we would like to open this to a more professional and presented form of training where many can attend and experience questions from other Snowie Opportunists and learn together.


9am-5pm (MST) March 26th through the 28th 2014


Snowie Shaved Ice Headquarters
1006 W. Beardsley Place
Salt Lake City, UT. 84119
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Please RSVP below so that we can gauge how many will be attending.  If we get a large response, we may change the venue to accommodate the size.

10 thoughts on “Snowie Business and Equipment Training

  1. Maria says:

    Happy New Year! For those of us that does not know that area, can you include an list of hotels that we might stay at?
    that’s in close proximity to the training.

    Thank you and Regards,
    Maria & Homer Hunt

  2. claudia says:

    It sounds to be a great experience, just as Maria request, can you include a list of the nearest hotels from your location.

    • Aaron says:

      We do, we have about 90% of the agenda done. Please look for an email coming later today that will speak about our agenda and some hotel, transportation items, etc. We will also be asking what the top 5 topics you would like to see addressed at this training.

      Thank you for your email,

      – Aaron

      • Andrew Evans says:

        Is there an agenda yet? I just need to know what time things will wrap up on the 28th.
        Thanks in advance.

        • Aaron says:


          Sorry for the delay on this. I am waiting for the written agenda from Lyle. I have it in paper form but will be posting to all within the hour.

        • Aaron says:

          I am receiving our written agenda from Lyle here in a few minutes and then sending it out to all attendees. Look for it within the hour.