Easy Shaved Ice Business, built around YOU!

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You, it sounds a bit cliche doesn’t it?  Just like all of the academy awards, celebrities, and companies thanking their customers, fans and followers for their success.  It is true, without them, they would be nothing.  We do share that same sentiment, without you, Snowie simply would not be what it is today.  But our recognition and praise of you is a bit different.

Most companies in the franchise or business opportunity industry will have a very defined business.  A very tight box, if you will, and they put you squarely inside and give you all kinds of reasons to smile.  They will tell you that this is your place, that nobody can bother you here and that everyone that is within that box is your customer, and yours alone.  Then they tell you that in order to posses the interior of this box you must first purchase the largest piece of equipment that they offer. If you would like a smaller stand, well that option can only come later. Then come the fees, but you will gladly pay them because this area is yours. You will pay them your initial investment into the company plus a franchise fee to begin. Each year you will pay them royalties, and various marketing fees, etc.

Then they tell you all the things that you can and cannot do while you are in that box. You cannot alter what they say you can sell in the least. If you wanted to add a candy bar and water to your line of products, the answer is simply no.

It isn’t until you wish to leave that box and expand your market that you realize that you are truly bound by the box that once made you smile. You have been bound by price, by debt, by fees, by royalties, by product, and now you realize that even the cherished, promised territory is another binding entity.

Then, to comfort yourself, you think, “well, at least these are my customers and nobody can touch them.”

The reality is that nobody, outside of your brand is bound by your territory.  You are protected within your own brand, but that is it, the power does not extend beyond their own reach.

Snowie does not believe in the box, but rather, we give you blocks to do with what you will.

We truly believe in you. We believe in your life and know that you are the one who knows where you want to be, and where your level of risk lies. We believe that the business that you run each and every day should be geared to the time that you have available, that it should be geared around your passions, your lifestyle, and your abilities. We believe that it should totally be geared to your budget.

You can take this business to any level you wish. There have been those who have purchased multiple stands and busses and dive right in with a significant investment into the business because they have seen it work and know that they can make this happen. And there are those that will purchase a shaver with a starter kit and setup with a pop-up tent and a table, and begin to build their empire from that point in time.

We do not sell you blue sky. In other words, if, for whatever reason, you feel like this is not working for you, you can simply sell your equipment and make yourself whole again. You do not have a long list of of binding agreements, contracts, and already paid fees that you need to recover.

We are the manufacturer. If you ever have any question on any item that we sell, we literally know it inside and out because we built it.

The only agreement that you sign with Snowie, is that if you use our name, you will purchase our flavors and subscribe to a $19.99 per month marketing package that will give you access to our logo and any marketing materials you will ever need to run and pitch your business.

We give you the very best education you can receive in the industry. Simply because we have done it longer and better than anyone.

In the past 15 years, if you were to look at any innovation in the Shaved Ice Industry. You would very easily find that Snowie has been the sole innovator of it all.

We are not Pushy. You will not feel any pressure from us at all. We simply feel like we sell the best equipment and opportunity in the industry, and that will sell itself.

So, You. Yes You! are the deciding factor of what your investment will be, and where you will take this opportunity.

2 thoughts on “Easy Shaved Ice Business, built around YOU!

  1. Maria says:

    Hello my name is Maria and I’m interested in buying the Snowie 1000 with the starter kit. Only thing I’m concerned about is … If I buy that pkg do I have to sign that contract ? I will not be using the Snowie brand name on my snow cone set up . Please get back to me when available ..thank you for your time.

    • Aaron Rupp says:


      I am sorry for the late reply. I am sure you already got this question answered, but I will answer it anyway so that others may bennefit from your question as well. You do not have to sign a trademark agreement for anything that is in the starter kit. That will only apply when you are using Snowie branded items like our cups, stands, flavor stations, etc. I hope this helps,