Snowie Shaved Ice Webinar #8 – Finding and Hiring Employees (Recording)

Employee Scheduling

Lyle takes the lead in this discussion which covers some of the best ways to find employees for your Snowie Shaved Ice Business.  We also discuss different avenues for them to contact you.  We cover some great ways to help weed through those you are interviewing.  Once you have the employees that you were looking for, we go through some processes to help manage those employees including software to help your employees manage their own schedules, trade shifts with other employees, all without your  constant involvement.

5 thoughts on “Snowie Shaved Ice Webinar #8 – Finding and Hiring Employees (Recording)

  1. Justin Carter says:

    yes, i seen a couple of webinars and i seen one on the business plan and the lease agreement. During the webinars they said that if we inquire about the business plan and lease agreement that you will sent them thur email. I’m trying get that info

  2. Emily says:

    How can I get the word document shown in this webinar?
    Thanks for sharing –this is amazing!

    • Aaron says:

      I just quickly when through this webinar quickly again, and noticed that there were a few word documents. Can you give me the title of the specific one you are looking for?

      Thank you for watching,

      – Aaron

    • Aaron Rupp says:

      Have you signed our trademark agreement? If you sign that and create an account on our vendor page, you will have access to all of these documents. Please let me know if you have taken these steps already.