Snowie Shaved Ice Webinar #9 – Franchise vs. Business Opportunity (Recording)

business opportunity

(I had some issues with the conversion from GoToMeeting, so I hope that this video will come across ok. It would not let me edit the video in Final Cut, so I had to use YouTube’s editor. I hope that it views ok).

In this weeks webinar, we discuss an often misunderstood area of the Shaved Ice, Snow Cone Industry. The question often arises, “Should I purchase into a Franchise or a Business Opportunity? What benefits do I get from purchasing one over the other?”

We discuss the Hybrid type of business model that is Snowie Shaved Ice. We provide everything that a franchise will, only we do it without any royalties or franchise fees. We do not limit your location, and we do not meddle in your financials. This is your business, you are free to run it and make it successful.

The only way we make money is if you succeed. If your Snowie Shaved Ice stand is successful, then you will purchase more equipment and expand your business. If you are not successful, then you will not continue to purchase flavors and equipment. A good majority of our customers own more than one stand. This only happens when one Snowie stand has been successful enough to motivate their owners to purchase another.

Please sit back, grab a snack, click play, and let us help you get some real clarity on this decision.

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