New Shaved Ice Truck Flavor Station

Shaved Ice Flavor Station

Introducing the new Shaved Ice Truck Flavor Station

Shaved Ice Flavor Station
Shaved Ice Bus Flavor Station Down

We have just launched our brand new version of the Snowie Bus Flavor Station.  If you do not own a Bus, you can have these installed on your Shaved Ice Truck, Shaved Ice Vehicle, or any shaved ice stand for that matter.  This is a wonderful add-on for your shaved ice business.  One immediate advantage of this flavor station is that it mounts to the back of your vehicle, thus taking your serving area away from your sales line.  We have a similar alternative in the existing busses as well, which has been the passenger door mounted flavor station.  But where we thought we could really expand was modeled after our original flavor stations that serve as many people as possible at the same time.  This new flavor station allows us to do just that.

Shaved Ice Bus Flavor Station Down
Shaved Ice Bus Flavor Station Down

If you notice, there are two lines of spigots, so now you can serve twice the crowd from one vehicle flavor station, rather than trying to cram everyone into a single line of spigots.

Shaved Ice Bus Flavor Station Up
Shaved Ice Bus Flavor Station Up

This flavor station also mounts up and away and is covered for travel to keep your spigots clean.  You then simply swing it down, mount the cover under the spigots as a catch, open for business, and you are on your way to servicing your crowd like never before.

For some of you, this has been highly anticipated as we have hinted at it for some time.  We have not been able to talk about it in detail until now.  So feast your eyes, and let us know if you have any questions on this new item.

Stay tuned for new exciting developments that are coming this Fall and Spring.




13 thoughts on “New Shaved Ice Truck Flavor Station

  1. PJ says:

    If you already have a vehicle, how much does it cost to add on one of those dispensers and what else is needed to do so?

    • Aaron says:

      The cost is $1900.00 This will give you everything but the rack as those are custom to our busses. It is all gravity fed, so you will want a high place to mount your jugs.

  2. Robert Rainey says:

    Hi Aaron. This is very interesting. I love this idea.
    Sturdiness question.
    What kind of weight will this station hold if you get a kid that wants to do a ‘pull-up’ on it jumps or leans on it?

    • Aaron says:


      Thanks for your question. Carl said that it is quite sturdy. You could put 100 lbs on it and it would be fine, but obviously if someone were to slam weight on it, it would bend it.

      It does go through the body of the vehicle, so it is quite sturdy that way.

      – Aaron

  3. Eddie Garza says:

    If i understand this correctly, the price is $1900.00 and that includes the unit itself, the lines and connections and the jugs for the syrup. What size jugs and how long are the lines. Also is there a discount for buying multiple units at the same time? Thinking two maybe four.

    • Aaron says:

      The jugs are 1.25 Gallon and we normally send 100 Feet of hose. If you need more than that, then let us know what length you need and we will add that to your order. Yes, you get a discount for buying multiple. Our discount table works as follows:

      1: Full Price
      2: 5% Off
      3: 10% Off
      4: 15% Off
      5: 20% Off (and it caps out at 20%)

    • Aaron says:

      I believed we replied to you via email, but just in case, a brand new bus on a brand new van is right around $73,500

  4. Chris Spiers says:

    Is there a chance you could post a picture of the setup on the inside of the vehicle?

    I am interested in this, but I want to see how much room it takes up on the inside.

  5. Kevin says:

    Does this infringe on the patent that Kona has for their flavor station? I see where they have sued competitors that install similar systems?