Stay Tuned

Hello Snowie Peeps!

As you are all aware, this is the first post we have, well, “posted” in a few months. Not only has this been one of the busiest springs/summers in our history, but it has also been one of the busiest and most innovative winters also. Over the winter and spilling well into this summer, we have been developing many new products and concepts that are going to come to light shortly. While we will be announcing many of them over the coming days and weeks, there are still quite a few products that we will not be able to discuss for some time.

I can say, however, that the products that have to do with flavors or toppings will be announced with the next few days. Some of these are improvements that we wanted to make, while others are improvements or additions that you have asked for. Although that road to deliver your request is not always easy to pursue, it sure is rewarding when we are able to deliver! And we believe these products will deliver for you again and again.

The first of these toppings has been wildly popular in Hawaii as well as with those who have tasted it after we brought it to the mainland. We have actually shown you this product in previous videos but it was side note to a different subject at the time. When we shot the video, we were unable to keep the product in a state that would allow us to sell it to each of you and then allow you to sell it to your customers in turn. We have now concurred that hurdle, and we believe this will change your experience with toppings forever. It truly is that good!

While you are staying tuned for these new products we will also be re-focusing our efforts on presenting to you our approach on Shaved Ice, our thoughts on Entrepreneurship, on the Business Opportunity we provide, and of course, our Products and Services. Part of this focus will be re-launching our Webinar series again coming this Thursday, July 21st at 6:00pm MST. Remember, these Webinars are created for you, if there is something you would like us to discuss, you must first tell us what that is. Please submit your Webinar topic requests to

For those of you who attended our Annual Snowie Summit, you will recall that we are going to start submitting private content, videos, photos, information, forms, etc. to our vendor portal ( In order to have access to this portal, you will need to run your business under the Snowie brand, or you must prominently state that your product is flavored by Snowie. This also must also be accompanied with a signed trademark agreement.

There are many details to come and even more exciting new ventures to take as we continue this 2016 Snowie Season.

See you soon!