New 30 Gallon Mixer

30 Gallon Mixer

Another product that we launched at our Snowie Annual Training in March was our brand new 30 Gallon Mixer.

30 Gallon Mixer

Our intent for this mixer was to make an affordable mixer that was easy for people to make larger batches of sugar water at a time.  We also wanted to make it mobile and allow for easy distribution into 5 gallon jugs that you could use at your events.

We have had a 50 gallon mixer that contained a very expensive motor and while it made the task of making sugar water easier, it was a costly solution.  So much so that we either had to discontinue it, or raise the price significantly.  We chose the prior and decided to develop this option instead.  With that said, you could still have a motor mounted on this version that will do your mixing for you, but it will raise the cost significantly.

This 30 gallon mixer is surprisingly easy to use.  It is rotated by hand, and while you might imagine it would be difficult spin this large jug, it is actually not too difficult to put in motion, and very easy to keep in motion.

30 Gallon Mixer

This way, you can devote two minutes to mixing 30 gallons of sugar water, rather than 2 minutes per 5 gallon jug otherwise.  Not to mention the time you will spend preparing each jug individually.

The 30 Gallon Mixer comes standard at the price of $790 with four casters (Wheels).  Two of the casters lock, so that you can keep it stationary when desired, yet you can wheel it around when you need it to be mobile.

You can deduct $100 if you wish to have the setup without casters and keep it stationary.

This is an extremely efficient, and cost effective way to make your sugar water.

4 thoughts on “New 30 Gallon Mixer

  1. Patrick Crone says:

    How many rotations would you guess it would take to mix the sugar and water to where the sugar is completely dissolved? Do you have a video demonstration of the process?

    • Aaron says:

      We have not done a video demo on it, I need to though and will do that. I will say that there are many variables like, how hot is your water, the size of the sugar granules, speed of rotation, etc. I will say that it should only take a few minutes. It is a quick process.

      – Aaron

  2. Todd Foster says:

    I’m a beekeeper and wonder if your drum mixer might be useful to the medium sized honey producer?
    With minor modifications your equipment could serve dual purposes. I would be willing to share my thoughts.

    • Aaron Rupp says:


      Yes, we would love to speak with you about this. Please feel free to call our office 801-268-2225 and ask for Aaron.